25 Short Straight Hairstyles 2013 – 2014

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Women all around the world are really particular and meticulous with their hairstyles because hairstyles really play an important aspect in woman’s attractiveness, after all, one’s hair is one’s crowning glory. For this reason, we often go an extra mile in taking care of our hair and in choosing the right hairstyle to enhance our charm. There are various hairstyles ranging from the very long to the very short skin-head hairstyle. However, many women recently are going for the short straight hairstyles because short straight hairstyles have a lot of advantages to offer. First, it’s easy to carry around. Likewise, it’s cool to sport especially during summer when the themostat rises up to a feverish pitch and sweating is inevitable. Moreover, short straight hairstyles are quite manageable and require little maintenance.

Yet, choosing a hairstyle requires that one takes into consideration the shape of one’s face. There are different shapes of face such as long, oblong, square, round, and many more, and there are haircuts which suit a particular shape of the face. Likewise, one must consider the texture and volume of one’s hair. Some types of hairstyles fit thick hair volume and texture. Another consideration is the color or hues which one wants to apply to one’s hair. Colors amplify and enhance the appeal of one’s hair. So the choice of colors for one’s hair should be carefully thought of. With all these considerations, you can now confidently choose the hairstyle you would like to sport and can easily work out your desired hairstyle for short hair with your hairstylist. Additionally, you should also remember that it is the way you carry yourself that makes you tick. Thus you should make sure that you carry yourself confidently in whatever situation you are in. So what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look at our list of 25 lovely short hairstyles.

1. The Cool and Very Charming Pixie Cut with Little Cute Spikes at the Top

Short Straight Hair


2. Jenna Elfman’s Ravishingly Attractive Bob Hairstyle with Cool Layers and Awesome Light Ash Brown and Copper Blonde Hues

Short Haircuts for Straight Hair

3. Nice and Charming Bob Hairstyle with Cool Side-swept Bangs and Pretty Light Blonde Color

Short Straight Hair Styles

4. Emma Watson’s Very Cool Yet Fabulous Pixie Cut with Awesome Hues and Cool Layers at the Back

Short Hair Straight

5. Anne Hathaway’s Lovely and Attractive Pixie Cut with Cool Layers at the Back and Awesome Jagged Bangs

Short Straight Cut

6. Alluring and Attractive Bob Cut with Awesome Fringes and Messy Arrangement

Short Straight Hairstyles 2013–2014_1


7. Mesmerizing and Graciously Alluring Pixie Cut with Cool and Attractive Light Blonde Color

Short Straight Hairstyles 2013–2014_2


8. Carey Mulligan’s Fabulous and Gorgeous Bob Hair with Cool Layers and Fantastic Side-Parted Bangs

Short Straight Hairstyles 2013–2014_3

9. Nice and Lovely Bob Hair with Cool Symmetrical Bangs

Short Straight Hairstyles 2013–2014_4


10. Very Nice and Attractive Brown Short Straight Hair

Short Straight Hairstyles 2013–2014_5


11. Lovely and Very Charming Black Colored Pixie Cut with Side-parted Bangs

Short Straight Hairstyles 2013–2014_6


12. Awesome and Fantastic Bob Hair with Cool Layers to Increase the Volume of the Hair and with Lovely Hues

Short Straight Hairstyles 2013–2014_7


13. Fabulous and Attractive Sleek Bob Hair with Cool symmetrical Bangs

Short Straight Hairstyles 2013–2014_8


14. Very Cool and Ravishingly Attractive Short Hair with Awesome Center-parted Bangs: Lovely and Charming Indeed!

Short Straight Hairstyles 2013–2014_9

15. Very Cool and Appealing Light Blonde Pixie Cut with Side-swept Bangs

Short Straight Hairstyles 2013–2014_10


16. Cool and Charming Light Blonde Pixie Cut with Side-swept Bangs

Short Straight Hairstyles 2013–2014_11

17. Charming and Pretty Pixie Cut with Awesome Bangs

Short Straight Hairstyles 2013–2014_12

18. The Charming and Mesmerizing Bob Hair with Symmetrical Bangs: Lovely and Attractive Indeed!

Short Straight Hairstyles 2013–2014_13

19. Reese Witherspoon’s Pretty and Engaging Bob Hair and Cool Awesome Golden Blonde Strands

Short Straight Hairstyles 2013–2014_14

20. Cool and Attractive Pixie Cut with Fantastic Side-swept Bangs

Short Straight Hairstyles 2013–2014_15


21. Cool and Engaging Bob Hair with Nice Lovely Bangs and Charming Layers

Short Straight Hairstyles 2013–2014_16


22. Alluring and Seductively Attractive Blonde Pixie with Awesome Bangs

Short Straight Hairstyles 2013–2014_17


23. Very Attractive and Charming Pixie Cut with Shaven One Side and Awesome Side-swept Bangs

Short Straight Hairstyles 2013–2014_18


24. Cool and Charming Blonde Pixie with Side-swept Bangs and Awesome Layers

Short Straight Hairstyles 2013–2014_19

25. Alluring and Bewitching Pixie Cut with Fantastic Side-parted Bangs and Charming Side Section

Short Straight Hairstyles 2013–2014_20

Having browse through these lovely pictures of short straight hairstyles, you may have wondered how lovely a short hairstyle can be with a woman. You may have chosen one or two among these lovely hairstyles and may have opted to sport your chosen short straight hairstyle soon. Short hairstyles are really awesome to look at and elegant and attractive to behold. Likewise, there is something in the short straight hair which makes a woman lovely, alluring, and seductively enchanting. I guess it’s time to shed those long mane and start wearing a lighter short hair for a lovely and delightful change in your look.

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