20 Short Straight Hairstyles 2013 – 2014

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The most interesting thing about your hair is the fact that you can cut it however you want, style it in the most original way possible and then just go back to whatever hairstyle you used to have. This is because your hair constantly grows and you have the option of constantly changing your hairstyle. If you have straight hair, then it is all for the better because you can keep it this way, you can decide to curl it up or you can even opt for other styling options that will make your hairdo even more magnificent. It is your choice. You just need to take a look at the most gorgeous short hairstyles 2013-2014 in order to choose a modern and stylish haircut. Even though it might seem like all of the hairstyles are fantastic and you do not know which one to choose, there are a few factors that can help you with this decision. For instance, if you want your hair to be really short and still look longer than it actually is, you can choose to get a bob haircut. It is a really popular way of changing your aspect. You just have to look around and be sure that you have made the right choice. As there are so many hairstyles out there, you should consider factors like your complexions, the shape of your face and even the time that you have available in the morning for styling your hair. This is the best way to get the perfect short haircut for you and your lifestyle. You will not only look gorgeous, but you will be able to look so at all times. This is because you had so many choices available just for you! Choose one of these fabulous 20 short straight hairstyles 2013-2014 and enjoy it!

1. Short Classic Gorgeous Bob

Short Straight Hair


2. Short Dark Straight Bob

Short Hair Straight Bangs


3. Short Thick Beautiful Hair

Straight Hair Short


4. Short Platinum Sexy Bob

Straight Hairstyles for Short Hair

5. Very Short Asymmetrical Blonde Bob

Hairstyles Short Straight Hair


6. Short Dark Thick Gorgeous Hairstyle

rihanna short hairstyles


7. Short Volume Layered Hairstyle

Short Hair for Straight Hair


8. Short Messy Asymmetrical Dark Hair

kristen stewart short hair


9. Short Elegant Thick Bangs Hair

Short Straight Blonde Hairstyles


10. Short Straight Ginger Cut

Short Hairstyles Straight


11. Short Blonde Beautiful Layered Hairstyle

Hair Styles for Short Straight Hair


12. Short Simple Blonde Asymmetrical Bob

Short with side fringe


13. Short Straight Line Chestnut Bob

Straight, blunt bob


14. Gorgeous Dark Straight Pointy Bob

Short Hair Cuts for Straight Hair


15. Very Short Messy Volume Pixie

Straight Short Haircut


16. Short Two Color Thick Bangs Cut

Short Straight Hairstyles With Bangs


17. Short Platinum Thick Haircut

20 Short Straight Hairstyles


18. Short Tamed Light Straight Bob

Leigh Lezark Short Hair


19. Simple Magnificent Blonde Hairstyle

Casual Short Straight


20. Short Volume Filled Bob

Short Straight Hairstyles


As you can see, there are many fantastic short straight hairstyles 2013-2014 that you can choose from. As long as you know just how short your want your hair to go, you can choose one of these gorgeous looks. Just make sure that it fits with the shape of your face as well as with your complexion. Combine it with the right color or colors and enjoy the new look for as long as you want!

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