70 Best Short Red Hair Color Ideas: Ombre & Balayages for 2022

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1: Auburn Red Hair

Take your pixie to the next level with a brilliant shade of auburn red. Those chunky highlights will shimmer nicely in the sun!
Auburn Pixie with Bright Red Highlights

2: Striking Red Layers

We’re strong believers that everyone should dye their hair red at least once in their life. Take a look at this front and back view and tell us you’re not tempted to go for a chop with a full fringe, everything in a striking red?
Bright Red Layered Bob with Bangs

3: Radiant Red Blunt Bob

Give your bluntly cut hair a lovely dose of life and texture by getting vibrant ginger hair . Reds are known for high upkeep, but keeping your cut short can make your life so much easier.
Red Blunt Bob

4: Short Black Hair with Red Highlights

An everlasting black and red combo make you feel like you are in a punk rock concert, ready for a mosh pit to happen.
Short Black Hair with Red Highlights

5: Short Red Weave

One of Rihanna’s favorite shades, this red is a must try if you are looking to channel your inner diva. Subtle highlights throughout give it a natural dimension, despite the color being definitely out of this world.
Curled Burgundy Bob Eave Hairstyle

6: Short Red Hair Color

Short Red Hair Color
Source: instagram.com/p/CWE5uyOgf13/

7: Short Red Hair

Short Red Hair
Source: instagram.com/p/CZshfsLMeG_/

8: Short Red Hairstyles

Short Red Hairstyles
Source: instagram.com/p/CUZKr4vr3MT/

9: Short Red Haircuts

Short Red Haircuts
Source: instagram.com/p/CPH4s2DB0qH/

10: Short Red Haircut

Short Red Haircut
Source: instagram.com/p/COTNKYEj9KH/


Short Red Hairstyle
Source: instagram.com/p/B5bDsg9hw37/


Short Red Hair Styles
Source: instagram.com/p/CU6jo0Lrg-f/


Short Red Hair Cuts
Source: instagram.com/p/CRO-NDZjLl_/


Short Red Hair Cut
Source: instagram.com/p/CaRXgvZL9rZ/


Short Red Hair Style
Source: instagram.com/p/CUIUx86JGN-/


Short Red Hair
Source: instagram.com/p/CU7tCIRAWss/


Short Red Cut
Source: instagram.com/p/CFFwKlpDYV2/


Short Red Hair
Source: instagram.com/p/CMPedz6nVJs/


Short Red Hairstyles
Source: instagram.com/p/CYnKeK_MJfH/


Short Red Haircuts
Source: instagram.com/p/CQmDSDkj1RE/


Short Red Haircut
Source: instagram.com/p/CY4XVOHtwuh/


Short Red Hairstyle
Source: instagram.com/p/CY4XVOHtwuh/


Short Red Hair Styles
Source: instagram.com/p/CStzYGwgp5u/


Short Red Hair Cuts
Source: instagram.com/p/CAgSYNRFqO6/


Short Red Hair Cut
Source: instagram.com/p/COdWpifqtQV/

31: Bob Hair Color

Rich Deep Red Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/227994799875459190/

32: Red Hair

Red Balayage Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/320037117269528211/

33: Hair Color Auburn

Red Ombre Hair

Source: pinterest.com/pin/832040099915051312/

34: Cherry Hair Colors

37 Flirty Burgundy Hair Ideas-Lovehairstyle.Com Black Cherry Hair Color
Source: pinterest.com/pin/191895634109765631/

35: Red Ombre Hair

Red Balayage Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/10836855342751667/

36: Red Balayage Hair

Burgundy Balayage
Source: pinterest.com/pin/422281207036606/

37: Red Hair Color

Fall Hair Colors
Source: pinterest.com/pin/49187820920938374/

38: Deep Red Hair

Deep Auburn Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/127297126959255010/

39: Short Red Hair

Red Bob Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/349451252347311467/

40: Red Hair Color

Red Hair Color
Source: pinterest.com/pin/1067423549152751100/

41: Fall Balayage

Red Balayage Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/228346643597686884/

42: Red Blonde Hair

Red Brown Hair Color
Source: pinterest.com/pin/433964114103637671/

43: Bob Hair Color

Red Bob Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/622341242266895627/

44: Red Orange Hair

Types Of Hair Color
Source: pinterest.com/pin/317996423697474989/

45: Short Red Hair

Long Bob Hairstyle for Thick Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/43769427619545349/

46: Short Bob Hairstyle

Layered Bob Haircut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/864620828431386107/

47: Dark Red Hair

Dark Red Hair

Source: pinterest.com/pin/248683210659197434/

48: Red Hair Color

Dark Red Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/10625749108152190/

49: Brown Hair Colors

Hair Color Auburn
Source: pinterest.com/pin/318277898675613943/

50: Pretty Hairstyle

Red Bob Hairstyle
Source: pinterest.com/pin/401242648058774817/

51: Red Brunette Hair

Brunette Red Highlights
Source: pinterest.com/pin/1407443625174209/

52: Auburn Balayage

Red Balayage Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/2533343532017800/

53: Balayage Straight Hair

Red Balayage Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/647603621414640273/

54: Short Red Hair

Short Red Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/620230179941498828/

55: Dyed Hair Ombre

Short Dyed Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/206461964158374054/

56: Bright Red Hair Dye

Short Bright Red Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/66639269478112149/

57: Short Red Hair

Red Lob Short Red Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/138978338487034477/

58: Red Bob Hair

Red Bob Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/208291551505164858/

59: Black Bob Hairstyle

Black Bob Hairstyle

Source: pinterest.com/pin/416371928060707852/

60: Bob Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Red Balayage A-Line Bob Stacked Bob Hairstyle
Source: pinterest.com/pin/160159330477293846/


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