23 New Selena Gomez Short Hair

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Selena Gomes is known for her cuteness and beauty. She is really beautiful and she also tries variations on her hair a lot. Now you will explore how Selena switches from one hairstyle into another and what kind of short hairstyles she likes most. We have delivered Best Selena Gomez Short Hair types and we want you to feel inspired by them. One of the most fabulous hairstyles Selena has worn is short wavy hair. By creating loose waves Selena styles her hair in a great way. You can also try this wavy bob using a big curling iron. Remember that in order to get looser waves you need to use a bigger curling iron. Selena also like to create a low bun with her short bob hair. She also takes some pieces out and curls them a little in order to get a more soft look. You can also see Selena wearing a straight bob hairstyle. She gets a stunning look in this way and really makes a statement. She has tried a lot of variations of bob haircuts. This celebrity can be seen in a stacked bob cut as well. As Selena has very beautiful facial features, she really looks good when wearing bob hairstyles. Usually, she tries messy curls as well. We can say that this is one of the best styles she chooses for her short hair. The messy waves and curls look really fabulous and fresh while making her very girly. Selena adores experiments and an updo hairstyle is one of her favorite ones. You will often see her in a very cool and chic updo hairstyle. Her face is round and as she leaves out some strands, this gives a more stylish feel. So if you also have such facial features or your face is also round like the face of Selena, then this updo hairstyle is a must-try for you. Half-up and half-down is also one of her favorite styles. Her half updo hair is a great option for everyday wear. This star also loves to experiment with colors along with hairstyles. She has made a few strands lighter making her short wavy bob hair even more stylish. High messy buns are also beautiful options and Selena likes to combine it with fringe. This is really a trendy touch, so you can also try and enjoy it. She usually combines her fringe with her short sleek hair as well. Selena Gomez is really beautiful and she never fails to turn heads. Short hair suits her much and she loves trying very innovative and cool hairstyles. So check out the following short hairstyles and you will immediately want to upgrade your look with one of these ideas.

1-Selena Gomez Short Hair

Selena Gomez Short Hair, Gomez Short Selena Wavy

2-Cute Hair

Cute Hair, 2017 Gomez Selena Short

3-Layered Hair

Layered Hair, Gomez Selena Racerback Up

4- High Messy Bun with Fringe

Selena Gomez Short Hair Bun

5-Cool Hair

Cool Hair, Selena Gomez Short Style

6- Everyday Style

Gomez Selena Short Hale

7- Short and Sleek Hair

Gomez Selena Short Kardashian

8- Wavy Beachy Look

Selena Gomez Street Fashion

9- Short Hair with Volume

Selena Gomez Summer Face

10- Dark Waves

Selena Gomez Collins Hale

11- Elegant Look

Selena Gomez Bob Short

12- Short Blonde Hair

Gomez Selena Bra Bob

13- Choppy Hair

Gomez Selena Short Clooney

14- Daily Style

Gomez Selena Short 45

15- Gorgeous Blonde Waves

Selena Gomez Short Blonde

16- Big Curls

Selena Gomez Short Hair

17- Natural Look

Mid Length Hair Celebrities

18- Straight Bob

Bob Selena Gomez Pink

19- Blonde and Beautiful

Color Trends Robbie Margot

20- Beach Style

Selena Gomez Bob Cute

21- Beautiful Curls

Selena Gomez Short Hair

22- Messy Hair

Gomez Selena Angelina Bob

23- Gorgeous Style

Round Hair Face Gomez

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