Women with Short Blonde Hair

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see blonde women? They are extremely beautiful aren’t they? Well, yes. Usually, when you see a woman with blonde hair, the first thing that crosses your mind is the fact that she is beautiful and that the colour suits her. Well, the good news is that this is not all that you can think about when you see a woman with gorgeous blonde hair. You also feel like she needs to be protected, like she is kind and innocent. These are all advantages that come with blonde hair. So, if you are ready to embrace them, then why don’t you come to the blonde side and just colour your hair a few shades lighter? You will see that even though there are no studies to prove this, blonde women have a tendency of being more noticed than women that have chosen other short hair colours. Why? Well, no one knows. It’s just about the look!

Wavy Bob

If you want to take advantage of the befits of blonde hair without having to handle a considerable length of hair, then you can easily choose a short bob that you can style to look wavy and cute at the same time.

Short Sexy Hair


Thick Bob

There a few elements of this haircut that put together make her look fabulous. If you want to obtain the same look, then you need to take into consideration the length of the bangs and the different shades of blonde.

Short Thick Bob Hairstyle


Very Short Hair

This is somewhat of a pixie haircut that has been handled in a way that would make itl ook rather boyish. The good news is that you styll have options when it comes to styling your hair if you choose this haircut.

Short Blonde Pixie Hairstyle


Layered Bob

This is the type of haircut that you choose when you want to get rid of damaged hair, to look great while doing so and to make sure that you make people focus on your beautiful features. It is a great look!

Short Blonde Bob Hairstyle


Rebel Pixie

If you are undecided when it comes to choosing your own pixie haircut for that change of look that you have wanted for a while, you can also take into consideration this rebellious look that you can see on Miley.

Miley Cyrus Short Blonde Hair 2013


Curly Pixie

This is truly and interesting combination that you do not see very often. When you think about short hair, you do not have in mind any longer curls. Well, when you opt for a short pixie, you can also opt for curls.

Short Hair and Undercut


Layered Short Hair

The best part about this look is the fact that it can help you get a mysterious vibe that you do not normally see. When you have short hair, the best way to get this look is by opting for a haircut that can cover your forehead.

Short Blonde Hair With Bangs


Elegant Pixie

When you are unsure of the length of the pixie haircut that you should opt for, then you should definitely consider going for a medium length. If you are wonering why, then just look at the elegant style of this star!

Michelle Williams Short Blonde Hair


Boyish Pixie

This is the type of pixie look that does not only scream the world rebel, but that goes a level beyond. It is a combination of a rebellious and a boyish look. With those cold eyes and that really light colour, she look great!

Short Platinum Blonde Haircut


Asymmetric Bob

The great part about this bob haircut is the fact that you do not have to settle for a regular haircut. In fact, you can opt for a different shape and lengt of the bob haircut that you have in mind and just get a great effect!

Best Short Blonde Haircut


Tamed Pixie

Well, when you do not see Miley with a glorified insane look, you can see her as a calm and somwehat beautiful star. This is the difference between a rebellious pixie and a tamed one. You can look very cute!

Celebrity Short Blonde Hairstyle


Simple Bob

Even though you can not see the length of her hair, she definitely has a short and straight bob that she has styled in such a way that you could not really guess what her hair actually looks like. But, it’s beautiful!

Cute Short Blonde Haircut


Gorgeous Bob

Usually when you see a bob, you imaine it to be straight. However, another great style for this type of haircut would be to opt for curls. As many curls as you desire. They will surely change your look completely.

Short Blonde Curly Hairstyle


Extremely Short Cut

Due to the fact that her hair is so short, so light coloured and that you can not see any curls, the entire look seems a little bit raw and extremely daring. You can opt for this haircut if you want to shock people.

Extremely Short Cut


Honey Blonde Bob

The bob haircut is a pretty popular option for blonde women these days. However, if you combine it with a warmer shade of blonde, with some wavy hair and a cute hairstyle, then you will surely turn heads!

Emma Stone Short Blonde Haircut


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