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When you are ready to cut your hair, the right thing to do would be to choose a style first and then go to the stylist. If you just decide that you want a change and you do not know exactly how you want your hair to look, you might end up disappointed in the end. You just might not like the style that you end up with. So, the smart thing to do here is to start browsing through pictures of all sorts of short haircuts that you can choose from. When you have found the haircut that you like, you will be ready to call your stylist. The good thing about trendy short haircuts is the fact that you can choose different styles that will make you look like another person. If you want to have the option of styling your hair still, then make sure that the haircut you like is not that short. You never know when you will want to curl your hair or just to go for another type of look. What’s your favourite haircut?

Layered Hair

The first thing that you notice about this bob is the fact that it is simply gorgeous. You do not have to handle long hair and you are still able to style it however you find fit. It’s a haircut that gives you choices.

Short Layered Trendy Haircuts


Boyish Pixie

Just look at this fantastic haircut! Does it look like she is boyish? In fact, she is wearing her hair in a gorgeous manner, making her look as mysterious and sexy as possible. You can get the same look as well!

Trendy Short Cuts


Spiked Look

When you look at this hairstyle the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that she looks extremely strong and daring. If you want to benefit from the same confidence, you just have to cut your hair this short.

Trendy Short Cuts


Messy Look

If you want to make sure that you will look young at any age, you do not have to worry just about make up or clothes, but rather about your haircut. If you opt for a short and messy pixie, you will surely look fantastic!

Trendy Celebrity Short Hairstyles


Edgy Pixie

What you need to know about this haircut is the fact that you cna make it looks as rebellious or as elegant as you desire. You can make sure that the hair is straight and you opt for an interesting look whenever you want!

Trendy Short Cuts


Cute Young Look

When you are unsure of how to get the most trendy look in town, then you should know that opting for simplicity is the thing that keeps you on top. You do not have to opt for an original look to have gorgeous hair!

Short Trendy Bob Hairstyles


Simple Bob

Now, this is certainly a classic approach when it comes to the bob look. You have short and straight hair that combined with some short and cute bangs will make the entire look a very beautiful and simple one.

Trendy Cute Short Hairstyles


Layered Pixie

The fantastic thing about this haircut is the fact that it makes other people focus on the beautiful features of your face. Also, you just have to style the hair that is on top of your head to get this awesome look!

Trendy Short Pixie Cuts


Dark Pixie

This is the type of look that can be worn in such a way that it could fit a housewife, a business woman or even a rebel! It is the great choice regardless of your style because you can match it with every outfit or event!

Trendy Short Black Hairstyles


Extremely Short Pixie

When you do not want to have to deal with spending a lot of time styling your hair every single day, you can choose to get a really short pixie haircut. With just a little bit a product, in a few seconds your hair is styled.

Pictures Short Trendy Haircuts


Platinum Pixie

This is the type of pixie that combined with this light colour will make you look extremely interesting. Natural colours are favored currently, so opting for such a colour would certainly bring a lot of attention on you.

Trendy Short Blonde Hairstyles


Asymmetrical Bob

When you think about an asymmetrical bob, you just imagine one side having longer hair than the other. However, here the look is much more complicated. Just look at the bangs and at the great look that she has!

Short Straight Black Hairstyles


Short Blonde Hair

When you do not want to spend any time styling your hair, opting for this type of layered haircut is the right thing to do. You just need to make sure that you also choose the right colour for your hair and that is it!

Latest Trends Short Hair


Original Look

This is actually what you can say about this haircut. When you look at it, you could say that it is a longer version of the pixie haircut that is styled to make the hair look much longer and to make her face luminous.

Cool Trendy Short Haircuts


Simple Hair

When you look at her hair and at her look, you can not just imagine that she is simple, but really interesting. The haircut is actually a short bob that look utterly fantastic. You just need to get the look to enjoy it!

Simple Short Hairstyles


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