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When you are not sure of the short hairstyle that you should opt for, then you need to think about the effect that you want it to have. Do you want it to be something original or something that will certainly shock the people you know? Well, for example, if you were to have long hair for a really long time and then suddenly decided that it was time for a change, then you might really find that pixie cuts are in style right now. Not only that, but they come with a load of advantages such as the fact that you do not have to spend ages in front of the mirror styling your hair or that you do not have to spend too much money on hair products in order to make sure that your hair will always look the way you want it to. Moreover, you have the benefit of not having to comb your hair in order to make it look stylish and cool. So, if you are ready for a major change, then take a look at theseĀ pixie cuts!

Simple Pixie

This haircut is shorter that you would actually see on a young woman, but due to the fact that the bangs are a bit longer than the rest of the hair, there is an interesting balance and effect that you would get if you opted for it!

Trendy Pixie Cuts


Pointy Pixie

If you are unsure of how to make this hairstyle work, then just think about it. You just need a simple and short pixie haircut that will allow you to style it so that you have some harmless spikes. That’s it!

Super Short Pixie Cuts For Women


Short Pixie

The shorter the pixie cut, the more interesting it looks and the less trouble you would have every single day when it comes to styling your hair. By picking this haircut, you will be able to style your bangs however you want.

Cute Short Pixie Hairstyle


Layered Pixie

Now, if you want your hair to be short, but not too short, then you should make sure that you opt for the type of pixie haircut that will allow you to still have some say when it comes to styling your hair.

Short Layered Pixie Haircut


Really Short Pixie

If you pay a closer look to this pixie haircut, you will notice that it is the type of look that allows you to opt for it even though your hair has a tendency to curl up. This is the advantage if this gorgeous haircut!

Short Thick Pixie Haircut


Elegant Pixie

Now, if you are ready to make a change that will allow you to look as elegant and even more elegant than someone with longer hair, then you should opt for this pixie. It looks great and you do not have to waste any time styling it.

New Short Pixie Haircut


Straight Cut

This version of the pixie cut is more appropriate for women that have naturalstraight hair because it will make their hair look longer than it is. This will surely improve your overall look without you having to go through any trouble.

Straight Pixie Hairstyle


Short Bangs

One thing that you should know about bangs is the fact that the shorter they are, the more luminous your face is and the more interesting you will look. With a pixie that allows you to have short bangs, you will look fantastic!

Nice Pixie Haircut


Classic Pixie

When you are unsure of how to go to the next level with your hair and not luse that cute look, you should know that opting for a classic pixie is just the right way to go. You have short hair that is long enough for you to style it!

Easy Style Pixie Cut


Blonde Pixie

The interesting thing about this haircut is the fact that you do not have just short hair, but that the fact that it is coloured blonde and the hair on the top is longer. So, the effect is much interesting than you would expect!

Blonde Pixie Hairstyle 2014


Blonde Layered Cut

This is the type of pixie haircut that you would opt for if you wanted to cover your entire forehead. Indeed, the effect of this type of haircut is fantastic as long as you know how to style it. So go for it!

Celebrity Pixie Haircut


Dark Pixie

The hair is brown and the pixie haircut is a layered one, but the effect is has is a wonderful one. The good news is that your hair will look healthy and gorgeous as long as you cut it this way and take care of it!

Dark Pixie Hairstyle


Pointy Pixie

Now, if you were looking for something that has been off the grid for a long time, then you can opt for this pixie haircut that you used to see in the 90s. It is not that popular anymore, but you will look astonishing!

Images of Pixie Hairstyle


Pretty Pixie

Blonde hair and a pixie haircut that will allow you to make sure that your hair looks cute, are all the elements of a fantastic combination. Add some natural make up and a lovely dress and the effect will be great!

Pretty Pixie Hairstyle


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