Short Pixie Haircuts for Women 2012 – 2013

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Pixie haircut is among the latest hairstyle that is being opted by ladies and girls. It is a very short haircut, but has various styles and color in it. In 2012-2013, many TV personalities and celebrities have tried this hairstyle and they are looking awesome in it. It is a gorgeous hairstyle that gives women and girls a unique and trendy look. Short pixie haircuts for women 2012 and 2013 are:

Bangs look great on pixie haircut. This hairstyle will make you look cute and trendy. You will get a unique look in it.

Short pixie haircuts with bangs

Side view of pixie hairstyle is also very impressive. Most of the trendy hairstyles look great from the front only but from the sides and back they are a mess. But the pixie hairstyle looks great even from the back view.

Side view of pixie haircut

Pixie hairstyle looks adorable on young girls. This hairstyle will give them a cute trendy look and will give them an appealing look.

Pixie hairstyles for girls

Pixie hairstyle with blonde color and side bangs looks adorable. It gives you a pretty decent look and unique too.

Blonde pixie haircuts

You can try brown hair color on your pixie hairstyle. It will make you look gorgeous and stunning, giving you a unique look.

Brown pixie haircut

Here is a photo of a short pixie haircut. It is looking trendy and decent.

Pixie haircut for girls photos

Audrey Tautou, a very well known Hollywood celebrity, is looking amazing in her new hairstyle.

Audrey Tautou short pixie haircut

Women and girls with thick hair must try this hairstyle. It is trendy and cool and will give you a glamorous look.

Short pixie haircut for thick hair

In 2013, it has been considered the best pixie haircut that you can try on your hair. It is cool and trendy, and soon it will be in 2013 fashion season.

Best pixie cuts 2013


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