Short Pixie Haircuts 2014 – 2015

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If you have never had a pixie haircut then there is no possible way for you to know just how incredible you will look at feel – both at the same time. That is why it would probably be the best idea ever to just call your stylist right now and make an appointment. While you are at it, you should remember to look at the most incredible Short Pixie Haircuts 2014 -2015 and see which of them would represent both your personality and style best. Even though it will be incredibly hard to choose the pixie cut that you will want to go for, in the end it will be worth all the trouble that you have gone through in order to make the right choice. That is because a pixie haircut can truly show off a little bit of your personality. Most people might think that short hair is not as feminine as they would prefer. However, you will be glad to know and see for yourself that a pixie haircut is incredible because it offers you a rather boyish – innocent girl look. It is just a combination that will make every single person you meet feel attracted to you. They will most probably compliment you on your looks and feel the urge to hug and protect you. It kind of has the same effect as blonde hair. Nevertheless, these Short Pixie Haircuts 2014 – 2015 are truly going to make you change your mind about short hair. You will soon find out that there is nothing that could take away the look of innocence as long as you have a pixie haircut. No matter how late you will wake up in the morning, you will have time to make your hair look great in just a couple of minutes!

1. Short Cute Simple Pixie

Long Pixie Haircut


2. Short Blond Voluminous Pixie

Pixie Style Haircuts


3. Short Layered Messy Hair

Pixie Cuts for Thick Hair


4. Short Gorgeous Blonde Pixie

Pixie Hairstyles for Women

5. Short Blonde Casual Pixie

Cute Pixie Haircuts

6. Short Thick Dark Bangs

Short Thick Dark Bangs


7. Short Classy Neat Pixie

Short Classy Neat Pixie


8. Short Blonde Extreme Pixie

Short Blonde Extreme Pixie


9. Short Elegant Dark Pixie

Short Elegant Dark Pixie

10. Short Boyish Straight Pixie

Short Boyish Straight Pixie


11. Short Interesting Asymmetrical Pixie

Short Interesting Asymmetrical Pixie

12. Extremely Short Layered Pixie

Extremely Short Layered Pixie


13. Short Original Light Brown Pixie

Short Original Light Brown Pixie


14. Short Side Layered Cute Pixie

Short Side Layered Cute Pixie


15. Flat Simple Layered Pixie

Flat Simple Layered Pixie


16. Very Short Boyish Pixie

Very Short Boyish Pixie

17. Platinum Short Filled Pixie

Platinum Short Filled Pixie

18. Short Blonde Rebellious Simple Pixie

Short Blonde Rebellious Simple Pixie

19. Short Sexy Spiked Pixie

Short Sexy Spiked Pixie


20. Short Fantastic Blonde Layered Pixie

Short Fantastic Blonde Layered Pixie

21. Neat Rebellious Fascinating Pixie

Neat Rebellious Fascinating Pixie

22. Vintage Dark Short Pixie

Vintage Dark Short Pixie


23. Very Short Asymmetrical Light Blonde Pixie

Very Short Asymmetrical Light Blonde Pixie


24. Ash Blonde Curly Pixie

Ash Blonde Curly Pixie


25. Straight Messy Casual Cute Simple Pixie

Straight Messy Casual Cute Simple Pixie

It is pretty obvious that pixie haircuts look more amazing than ever. That is because of the fact that many women from all over the world have decided to get such a haircut. Maybe you should be the next who gets one of these Short Pixie Haircuts 2014 – 2015 and surprises everyone. Most certainly you will look more incredible than you could ever imagine. You will be both classy and appealing at the same time!

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