Short Hairstyles For Weddings

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The happiest day of your life is near and you need to choose a hairstyle that will make you look your best. After all, we are talking about your big day! Usually, when it comes to short hair for weddings, there is a small problem and that is the length of the hair. Now, if you do not want to listen to the rumours or feel like you can not look your best on this important day of your life, then all you need to do is to browse through the right pictures and choose a style that is appropriate for you. You can make yourself as beautiful as you desire as your hair is not the most important accessory. Even if you have it extremely short, you can always use a head band or a tiara and turn yourself into the bride that you have always dream to be. This is the fantastic thing about short hair. You can make it look however you want without having to spend too much time styling it. Take a look!

Fluffy Bun

If you look at it, the hair is probably not longer than her shoulders. However, the bun that she has managed to create makes it look not only longer, but extremely beautiful and classy. You can try it as well!

Up Hairstyles For Short Hair Wedding


Curly Bob

The great thing about this hairstyle is the fact that it goes well with whatever event you are attending. This means that you can curl your hair up and then add a beautiful accessory and you are ready for the big event!

Bridal Styles Short Hair


Simple Hair

The great thing about this hairstyle is the fact that the strands of hair are styled in a simple so that they make the entire look more interesting. Adding the right flower or accessory will make the look even better.

Short Wedding Hair With Flowers


Vintage Look

When you have short hair like the bride in the picture, you can opt for straight or wavy hair, depending on the effect that you want to get. If you opt for wavy hair, then the look will be like the one in the picture.

Short Bridal Hair Styles


Extremely Curly Hair

If you usually have straight hair and you want to look extremely different for your wedding, then the right thing to do would be to opt for really tight curls. The effect will be uncanny and everyone will admire you!

Short Curly Wedding Hairstyles


Messy Hair

Even though you have short hair, that does not mean that you can not choose to keep it messy. You can still look cute if you just know what sort of accessories and make up to choose. Be a different bride with a great look!

Blonde Short Hair Wedding Styles


Cute Bob

When you want a simple hairstyle that will make you look cute and beautiful at the same time, then you can choose a wavy bob. It is not that hard to get those loose curls and you will look as you have always wanted. Gorgeous!

Celebrity Short Wedding Hairstyles


Dark Vintage Look

When you hear the word dark, you think about a goth look. However, this is far from that. We are actually taking a look at beautiful brown hair that is styled in a vintage way. Classy curls and gorgeous features!

Finger Waves Short Hair Wedding


Heavy Curls

An interesting thing that you need to understand about curls is the fact that you can make them look however you desire. You can make them loose, tight or even look heavy like the ones in the picture. Get the great look!

Short Bob Wedding Hairstyle


Messy Chocolate Hair

This look is actually a combination between neat and messy and the chocolate hair colour make it even more interesting because it is closer to her skin tone. You can choose this combination if you want to look marvellous!

Wedding Styles For Short Hair 2013


Loose Curls

The fantastinc thing about these loose curls is the fact that in combination with that colourful hairband, the entire look is interesting and cute at the same time. If you choose this style, you will certainly not be a boring bride!

Pretty Short Wedding Hair


Curly Bun

When you want to look fantastic without having to try too much, you can opt for a simple bun made out of your curls and just leave a few strands of hair hanging. The effect will be more interesting than you can imagine!

Short Bridal Updos


Straight Asymmetric Bob

Another type of look that you can opt for would be the one where you straightened your hair and had it stay in place with a gorgeous tiara. Even though the look is simple, it goes really well with the white wedding dress!

Short Straight Wedding Hairstyles


Brown Pixie

Whenever you think about a bride, the word pixie does not come to mind. However, if you want to be a different bride, then you can cut your hair this short and then just let the others admire your new cute look!

Wedding Pixie Hairstyles


Wavy Bob

This is a hairstyle that will give your hair a lot of volume while allowing it to emphasize your beautiful features. If you are ready to blow everyone off their feet, then all you need to do is to opt for this wavy bob!

Wavy Short Wedding Hairstyle


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