Short Hairstyles for Curly Hair

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The most important thing that you need to know about the curly hair is the fact that people with a set of hair like this usually have a lot on their plate. When you see differents models or movie stars with short curly hair, do not even think that this is the way their natural hair looks like. In fact, people with curly short hair have an unique look due to their rebel curls. The tricky part of looking really good with short curly hair comes in the morning when you need to style it. Most of the times people with short curly hair wake up with an interesting look and frizzy hair that does not want to be tamed. Fortunately, there are all sorts of styling products and tools that can help much more than you think. So, if you are ready to have a set of curls that look like the ones you see on the covers of magazines, then all you need to do is to browse through these pictures and choose you favorite.

Simple Curly Short Hair

When you want to make sure that your hairdo is perfect for any event, just use your curling iron and curl up a few strands of hair. Put in some product and then spread them with your fingers. Voila!

Simple Short Hair

Short Black Curly Hair

Now, even though your hair might be really short, that does not mean that you can not enjoy some gorgeous curls. Just allow your hair to act out a little bit and then use some product to tame it. That is it!

Short Black Curly Hair style

Curled Up Bob

You might believe that this is hard to achieve, but it is actually more simple than you can imagine. If you have a bob haircut and own a curling iron, make sure that you set it on a lower temperature and keep it for longer.

Cute Short Curly Hair

Red Volume

This hairstyle can truly be characterized by two things: red hair and a lot of volume. The good news is that if you have short and red hair, you can easily achieve the right volume with the right haircut. Cut it short!

Red Volume

Short Bob

Now, due to the fact that you have short hair and bangs that cover your entire forehead, it might be hard to make your hairstyle interesting. Just straigthen a layer of your bangs and leave the rest curled up.

Short curly bob hair with bangs

Short Dark Red Hair

This is the type of picture that says it all through the intense red colour, the interesting volume and the fact that the hairdo seems extremely simple. Actually, it is simple and easy to achieve. Just use the right product!

Short Dark Red Hair

Boyish Pixie

Even though you did not believe that such a pixie cut could exist, here you can see illustrated a boyish pixie. You just have to let your hair act out and that is it. Style it on one side and let your curls run wild.

Boyish Curly Pixie

Two Shades Curls

Even though you might feel that getting your hair coloured in two different shades of red might be difficult, you just need to make sure that you have a good stylist. Then, you should just enjoy your gorgeous curls.

Two Shades Curls

Elegant Pixie

This is actually a combination between a pixie look and a really short bob. If you opt for some big curls and leave the rest of your hair extremely short, you can surely impress others with the original look!

Elegant Pixie

Red Short Curls

It is a known fact that red hair is extremely hot, not to mention the fact that it can look good regardless of your hairstyle. Nevertheless, if you have red curls, then every single man will be at your feet, admiring you!

Red Short Curls

Asymmetric Bob

Even though this is the type of look that will make your hair look much longer, if you curl it up you can turn it into an extremely elegant and sexy one. Just play with your hair and show off those interesting curls!

Asymmetric Curly Bob

Curled Up Pixie

This is truly and original look not only because of the fact that the curled up side looks like it does not really belong there, but because of the fact that you can see that there are all sorts of elements together!

Curled Up Pixie

Vintage Look

These curls will surely make you think of a time when women used to have longer hair that was curled up in a different manner than we do it today. Those distinctive waves make you think of a gorgeous woman!

Vintage Look

Tight Curls

Even though curly hair is not that easy to work with, if your hair is naturally curly, then you should make sure that you opt for a nice bob. Do not cut your hair too short so that you can still keep the bob look!

Short Tight Curls

Original Look

Now, just take a look at all these elements combined. Straight short hair with wavy hair and curls as well as a lot of volume. If you add that longer strand of hair and the fact that the colour of it all is red, you have an original look!

Short curly red hair cut

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