Short Haircuts For Curly Hair

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Even though not every woman with curly hair has a single type of curls, you can use a curling iron and curl it up a little more. Also, you can choose to straighten your hair if that is what you want. However, when you want your hair to look fantastic without styling it, the only way that you could make it happen would be if you chose the right haircut that will fit your hair. So, instead of waiting for your hair to grow until it reaches an acceptable length and it arranges itself, it would be better if you stopped believing in fairy tales. Instead, you could make sure that you look at different pictures of women with short and curly hair and you choose the cut that will suit you best and that you like. This way, when you are ready for a change of look, you will have the right picture with the perfect haircut for your rebellious and curly hair. Choose the cut that you like best!

Curly Bob

Even though the curly hair does not really allow you to see that the hair has a bob style, the fact that the curls look so fantastic is all because of the bob haircut. If you want the same look, opt for a short bob.

Best Curly Short Haircuts


Dark Bob

Who said that only blonde bobs look fantastic? Just take a look at this gorgeous and dark coloured bob that goes to perfectly with her elegant mkeup and outfit. You just have to pick the right haircut. Go for it!

Cute Haircuts For Short Thick Curly Hair


Very Short Pixie

This is a pixie haircut that again doesn ot seem to look like a pixie. However, this is because of those tight and fantastic curls. When you have curly hair, you just need to choose a type of haircut and look gorgeous!

Curly Styles For Short Hair


Rebellious Pixie

When you are unsure of how your curls would react to a short haircut, it would be best if you opted for a pixie. After all, your hair will not be too short and you will still be able to style your curls to look great!

Short Curly Blonde Hair


Asymmetrical Bob

This is obviously the type of haircut that will be chosen by very daring women. If you have the courage to cut your hair on one side really short and to leave the other side much longer, then call your stylist!

Curly Short Black Hair Styles


Layered Bob

When you feel like your hair does not have enough volume to look beautiful, the best thing that you could do was to opt for some layers. This way, you can be sure of the fact that you will look marvellous at all times.

Women Short Curly Hairstyles


Rebellious Cut

Due to the fact that the hair is so short and that the curls do not look so curled up, you would take them for spikes. This is certainly a rebellious look that would go perfectly with a rebellious woman.

Curly Very Short Hairstyle


Filled Bob

When you look at this haircut, the first thing that you notice is the fact that the curls are not so voluminous. This is because of the hair that the hair is filled so that it does not have too much volume. Instead, it has a nice effect.

Great Short Curly Hairstyle


Blonde Pixie

The woman in the picture is gorgeous due to the fact that her haircut is a combination between a vintage look and some pretty fantastic curls. You do not have to opt for a bob to have your look this fantastic!

Short Curly Celebrity Hairstyles


Messy Bob

This haircut has it all except tight curls. This means that you are looking at a layered and messy bob that comes with some pretty neat bangs. If you are ready to take things to another level, opt for this bob.

Short Curly Asymmetrical Haircuts


Really Short Pixie

This is not the pixie that you are used to, mostly because of the fact that the hair so short that the curls are only half way curled up. This means that you will be enjoying a hair that is half wavy, half curly if you get this cut.

Curly Short Pixie Hairstyles


Red Bob

The first thing that you notice at this bob is the fact that it is not only voluminous, but that it looks extremely interesting. The curls are not that tight, but the volume of the hair is serious business. Get the look!

Images For Short Curly Haircuts


Elegant Curls

When you want to benefit from the elegance of the curls and not have to deal with long hair, you need to look at a haircut like the one you see here and just have your stylist make your hair look like this. Short and elegant.

Curly Short Hair Trends 2013


Curly Voluminous Bob

There is something about this look that makes you see this woman as an extremely gorgeous one. Maybe it is the volume of the hair or the curls or maybe the blonde tips. Maybe, the combination is beautiful!

Cool Short Curly Hairstyles


Simple Bob

This is the type of look that you can opt for when you know that you are not going to attend any important events. The look is kind of messy, but it does look good. It’s best for busy women that do not have time for styling their hair.

Pictures Of Short Curly Hair 2013


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