Short Hair for Black Women

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In 2013, short hairs styles are the trendiest hairstyles. These hairstyles with different hair colors adds more stylish look to their personality. Here are some more short hairstyles and haircuts which may be helpful to change your look and too look trendier this year.

Bangs is the most trendy and unique haircut of this year. Black women also follow this latest trend. You can apply bang on one side or both sides of your head, it’s your choice. You have to choose which suits more on you. Bangs five a sharp look to black women and makes them trendiest.

Short hair with bangs for black women

A black woman with a short haircut looks amazing. Short haircuts or hairstyles give a natural look to their personality. But these hair styles suits more on those black women who had an oval face shape.

Short haircuts for oval faces black women

As we all know that in short haircuts, bob haircuts are the most trendy and stylish. It also suits on black women and makes their personality more stylish. The front and back view of this hair cut is different. It is slightly longer from the front view and a bit shorter from the back view. Another style of this which made it different from others is to dye in two color tones. Two shades make this haircut unique and more stylish.

Bob haircut back view pictures

As you know that bob haircut is the trendiest haircut of this year but the bob haircut further have various styles and types. Another most unique look of bob haircut is the inverted bob. It is different from all hairstyles. Its one side from the front view is very long as compare to the other. And from the back view it shorter like a simple bob haircut. Black Women also carry this hairstyle as it makes their personality prettier.

Inverted bob hairstyle for black women

Purely curl hairs are the most common hairstyle of the black women. But this year a great variation in their hairstyle is that black curly hairstyle with a too short haircut. It makes their hairstyle different from the previous one.

Black curly hairstyles for black women

Another hot hairstyle for black women, this year is bangs on both sides and a bit longer from the centre portion. Whether you carry this hairstyle in purely black color or you dye in different color tones. It always gives your personality a sharp and a trendiest look.

She is a well known American model and a great actress also. This year, she gives a new trendy look to her hairs. Now days, she is in short asymmetrical hairstyle which makes their personality more hot and sexy. She makes her hairstyle different by dying in two color tones.

Short asymmetrical hairstyles black women

As we all know that red hair color is always too trendiest hair color whether you apply it on short hair or to the longer hairs. Black women with a short haircut look hot and she looks sexier by dying it in jet black and red hair color tones.

Red hair colour for black women

A black women in a picture with an African American hairstyle gives a unique and gorgeous look.

Short african american hairstyle pictures

She is well known personality and a well known actress too. This year, she changed her look by changing her hairstyle. She carry a too short haircut which makes them stylish.

Short hairstyle for black women 2013


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