Short Hair Cuts and Color

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Short hair has been the natural preference of an ever growing number of women in the world because of its easy manageability and alluring appeal. Yet, when short hair is enhanced by colors, then it becomes more appealing and lovely. In this article, some examples of short haircuts with awesome hair colors are given to provide you with perfect examples of short hairstyles which are enhanced by lovely colors.

The Fantastic Pixie Cut with Messy Top

This lovely pixie cut is characterized by the lovely messy hair at the top and awesome sides and side-swept bangs. The choice of reddish color for this hairstyle is apropos enough and further enhance the appeal of this hairstyle. Likewise, the cool side section of this hairstyle adds appeal and uniqueness to this hairstyle.

Short Hair Cuts And Color


Rihanna’s Colorful Pixie Cut

This lovely short hair sported by Rihanna has awesome interplay of colors which make this short haircut very unique and attractive. The side-parted hair is really fabulous to look at with those cute jagged bangs. Likewise, the razor-trimmed bangs are really awesome and nicely complement the colorful bangs. Moreover, the choice of dark brown color for this hair and the hues of red further amplify the appeal of this amazing short hairstyle.

Rihanna Pixie Cut


The Spiky Pixie Cut

This spiky pixie cut is really cool and charming to look at. It is characterized by those spikes at the top section and the awesome platinum bangs at the front. The side sections and the back are nicely trimmed. Likewise, the addition of hues of blue at the front nicely enhanced the appeal of this hairstyle.

Short Hair Cuts and Color


The Awesome Platinum Blonde Bob Hairstyle

This platinum blonde hair is really fabulous and awesome to behold. It is characterized by the lovely wavy hair which flows naturally down to the nape. The appeal of these wavy strands of hair is definitely very gorgeous and alluring. Likewise, the soft bangs are very lovely and charming to behold and further enhance the allure of this hairstyle.

Short White Hairstyle


The Awesome and Colorful Pixie Hairstyle

This colorful hairstyle is defined by those thick strands of pink and violet colored hair. The top section is spiky while the sides and back are wrought with short layers. Likewise, the choice of colors for this hairstyle is really awesome and spectacular. This hairstyle will definitely catch the eyes of every passerby because of its unique and attractive colors.

Short Hairstyles Color Women


The Charming Pixie Cut with Cool Bangs

This lovely black pixie hairstyle is really charming and nice to look at. It has a cool top section which is a little bit messy and those nice lovely bangs. Likewise, the sides and back nicely complement the top section. I would surely love to sport this nice and charming short hairstyle.

Short Haircuts With Color


The Awesome Bob Hairstyle with Nice Overlapping Strands of Hair

This awesome bob hairstyle is really nice and charming to look at. It has those medium-thick strands of dark brown hair. However, the hues of auburn brown hair add glamour and style to this hairstyle. The side section has overlapping strands of hair which give this haircut some nuances. Likewise, the lovely bangs are great to look at.

Short Brown Hair Color


The Amusing Messy Short Hairstyle with Cool Jagged Bangs

This cool and charming messy short hairstyle is really awesome with those jagged bangs and messy top section. This short hair consists of medium-thick hair. The texture and volume of the hair is further increased by the addition of layers. Moreover, the messy top distinctly characterized this awesome hairstyle. Likewise, the choice of dark red color is appropriate enough for this hairstyle.

Short Hairstyles for Women of Color


The Fabulous Sleek Pixie Hairstyle

This fabulous pixie cut is really awesome and alluring to look at. It is defined by those medium-thick strands of cherry red hair with hues of copper red and other colors. The sleek arrangement of this hair gives this hairstyle its fantastic appeal. The bangs are really alluring and the sides and back nicely complement the bangs. Surely, this is an appealing example of an awesome short hair.

Two Coloured Short Hair


The Charming Asymmetric Bob Hair with Cool Colors

This asymmetric bob hair is definitely alluring with its one side nicely caressing the chin. The other side is cut short creating a lovely contrast with the other side. Likewise, the bangs are really lovely and nicely complement the asymmetric sides. Moreover, the hue of copper red which imbues the longer side gives this hairstyle its unique appeal.

Brown Hair Color Images Short Hair


The Gorgeous and Lovely Pixie Cut

This gorgeous pixie cut by Dannii Minogue is really very beautiful and adorable. The brushed-up hair allows a clear look at her face. The sides and back nicely complement the brushed-up hair. Charming and alluring, this pixie cut is really a nice addition to our list of lovely short hair.

Short Dark Hair Color Ideas


The Lovely and Awesome Short Hairstyle

This lovely and awesome short hair is characterized by those amazing strands of violet-colored hair. The round-cut bangs and the short spikes at the top nicely enhance this hairstyle. Likewise, the subtle layers at the sides, back, and top increase the texture and volume of this hair. Yet, it is the choice of the violet color which makes this hairstyle eye-catching.

Short Purple Hairstyle


The Fantastic Pixie Cut with Awesome Sides

This awesome hairstyle is really fabulous to look at with those fine strands of light blonde hair. The side section is really gorgeous while the sleek light blonde top is really awesome and charming to behold. The dark hues at the top give this short hair additional appeal and the nicely-parted hair is really gorgeous and appealing to look at.

Short Blonde Hair Color Ideas


The Cool and Unaffected Short Hair

This cool short hairstyle is characterized by those fantastic brushed-up strands of hair with fly-away side hair. The hair is intentionally wrought to look as if one has just gotten out of the bed creating a nonchalant and unaffected character. Cool and charming, this short haircut is surely a nice addition to our list of lovely short hairstyles.

Short Haircuts and Color Pictures


The Messy Platinum-colored Short Hairstyle

This messy short hair is defined by those awesome strands of platinum-colored hair. The top is messily arranged to create an awesome effect which culminates in the messily arranged bangs. The sides are cut short and the overflow of messy hair from the top section creates a unique style. Cool and nice, this pixie cut is really fantastic.

Short Hair Style Color 2014


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