Short Hair Colour Ideas 2012 – 2013


2013 hair color trends represent a good mixture of contrasts. Multi tonal hairstyles are not new but let me show you some of the hottest short hair color combinations.

There are many color combinations that you can go for but the combination of blonde and black will look just fantastic. The reason why I have chosen these colors is that they always compete with each other. Blonde looks fairy and glamorous while black looks mysterious and sexy so why not to combine these features and become the owner of the most seductive image of 2013.

Layered hair colors are always the best fit for the short haircuts and will remain the same way.

This is one of the best color choice available to be trendy.

Best short punk hair color 2013

Don’t be afraid to try and have a colourful short hair. You will make difference.

Short colorful hairstyles for women 2013

Not actually dirty, but dirty looking short hair attracts men a lot.

Dirty blonde hair color pictures 2013

Do not stick to one color, instead try using multiple colors at once.

Multi colored highlights for short blonde hair

Here is another beautiful color for your short haircut. Do not skip this one.

Beautiful hair color ideas 2013 for short hair

African American ladies choose short haircuts widely and here is a good example of choosing the right color for that hair.

Pictures of colored african american hair

Red colored hair is always a good choice for white tanned women and will remain same way.

Short Red Hair Color Ideas 2012

Talking about colors and skipping blonde choices is not logical for sure. It is always a trendy choice.

Hair color ideas for blondes fall 2013

An unorthodox way to express yourself, a beautiful vibrand short haircut.

Vibrant Short Hair Color Trends 2012

Black hair is always an opponent for blonde hair and leads the race with it’s natural look.

Black Color For Short Hairstyle 2013

Here is another idea for the color of your short hair. You should definitely consider this one.

Hair Color 2013 Ideas For Women

Another one of the hair color ideas pictures. This one can be favourite of yours.

Shades of short blonde hair color pictures

Punk short hairs can be used in variety of colors and fits them generally. Yet, they fit for this more than usual.

Short punk hair color ideas for girls

Want to look cool and make people do what you say? Well, this one is your color.

Popular Short Hairstyle with Cool Color

Ombre colored short hairs will be trend in 2013 and you won’t want to miss this trend.

Ombre Hair Color Ideas for 2013

Shade details on short hair are definitely a good idea and you should definitely consider it.

Cool short blonde color shades 2013

If you are businesswoman, you will be looking for a modern, beautiful color. This one would be a right choice for your short hair.

Modern short red hair color women 2013

Here is another color contrast to be trendy in 2013. Talk about this with your coiffeur.

The vibrant and bold hair color for 2013

Think you have courage? You are fond of your freedom. Try this color with short haircut and challenge the world.

Colorful And Short Rainbow Hairstyle Picture

You cannot give away your fanaticly fashion love? Check this stylish color for your short haircut.

Stylish Punk Hair Color Ideas 2013

Here is another color which we expect to be trendy in 2013. Do not skip this one fastly.

Rihanna knows which color to use with her short haircut, and if you think you look like her, just copy what she does.

Rihanna Short Red hair color 2012

Pixie short haircuts are the trend of this decade, and in selection of color, this picture should be a reference.

This new hair color for short haircut is expected to rule the following decades.

Best new short hair color for 2013

Now you know which color to use in your short haircut. Why not to choose the model. Switch to the other pages of our website and find a new model for yourself.

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