Short Hair Color and Cuts

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As you know that in 2013, short haircuts are in trend. The short hairs make you look trendy, cool and funky to some extent. But the thing is which short haircuts to select? Will they be unique? There are very few short haircuts in trend nowadays and everyone is opting them, so you cant expect them to be unique. But you can easily make them unique by having different hair color on them. Here are few haircuts and hair colors which you can try to look trendy:

This choppy bob haircut with red color is a great combination. It will give you a funky look as you can see in the picture.

Red choppy hair

To get a whole unique look for your hair, you can try purple color on them. It is a cool color and will make you look cool and trendy.

Short purple hairstyles

If you have extra short pixie haircut, you can tr lilac hair color on them. It will look great on your hairs and give make you look awesome.

Best lilac hair color

Light green color looks amazing on the short hairs. This is a unique color and very few people try this color on their hairs

Green hairstyles girls

Katty Perry is a hot celebrity and shealso wants to get a unique look. And for this recently she got her hair dyed with blue color and is looking stunning.

Celebrity blue hair

Pink color is best for the girls and women who want to maintain their cuteness along with the unique look. It is a different color and looks amazing on short pixie haircuts.

Pink pixie cut hairstyle

You can two-tone hair colors. But the contast of the two colors must be amazing and should suit you. it is among the new trends that is recently introduced in the hair fashion world.

Short two tone hair color pictures

The women and girls who want to get the mature look must try this jet black hair color. It will look great on you.

Jet black hair color

Women and girls who have blonde hairs and want to do something different with them apart from the haircut. They can try black highlights in them. It is a unique hair color style and will definitely look great on you.

Short blonde and black hairstyles

Jessica Chastain has short wavy hairs and the red color on them is making her look sexy and appealing.

Short red wavy hair

Plunging bob is a unique and best haircut one can try. It is different from the traditional bob haircuts but like them will make you look cute.

Plunging bob haircut

If you are a twilight fan, you must try this color contrast. It will look great on you. Black colored hair with red highlights will look trendy on the bob haircuts.

Black and red hair color styles

Want to do something different and amazing? If yes, then you must go for multi tone hair color. You can try various hair color contrasts that look cool on you. You can either try dark color contrasts or light color contrasts depending on your requirements.

Multi toned hair color


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