Short and Trendy Hairstyles


In 2013, as you would have seen almost all the girls and women are opting short hair styles. Short hairstyles are in trend and everyone is seeking for some astonishing hairstyles which they can have. Here are few trendy short hairstyles which you can try:

Women and girls with wavy hair should go for this hairstyle. It is short and trendy, and most importantly is giving you a funky look.

Trendy short hairstyles for wavy hair


Professional women can try this short trendy hairstyle in 2013. They will look elegant and decent in this new look.

Short hairstyles for 2013 for women


Girls and women, who want to have a cute look, can try long bob haircut along with short front bangs. They will not only look cute in this hairstyle but will also look trendy.

Trendy cute short hairstyles


Helena Christensen, a well renowned celebrity, also have a short and trendy hairstyle recently. She is looking stunning in her new look.

Trendy celebrity short hairstyles


Women and girls with curly hair must try layered hairstyle. It will look great on them and their curls will give an extra ordinary look to these layered hairs as you can see in the picture.

Trendy short curly hairstyles 2013


Fans of Kristine Cavallari have to try this haircut. Recently she got the bob haircut with the side bangs. She is looking cute and stunning in this new hairstyle. This hairstyle has become the trendy in 2013.

Short trendy blonde haircuts


Best hairstyle of 2013 for the girls and women who want to opt the classic look. It is a cute trendy hairstyle which you can try this year.

Trendy short hairstyles for women 2013


The Asian women who are fed up with their cue looks can try this short trendy hairstyle. It is unique and will definitely make you look cool.

Trendy short asian hairstyles for women


If you already have a short trendy haircut but still want to do something with it. You can try the hair color on them. It will give you a unique look and will define your hairstyle in a better way.

Short hair color trends 2013

Very short pixie hairstyles are also in trend nowadays. They will make you look cool and give you a trendy funky look.

Trendy very short hairstyles for women

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