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Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair You Can Try

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If you have thin hair, you may afraid of having pixie cut because it will look flat. But when you choose the right pixie haircut you will look fantastic! Check these Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair You Can Try now and get inspired!

1. Josie Bissett Hair

Her blonde pixie style with side swept bangs looks really chic and cute at the same time.

Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair

2. Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

Layered pixie styles make your thin hair much more textured and full.

Pixie Cuts for Fine Hair

3. Brunette Pixie Hairstyle for Fine Hair

This dark pixie cut with short bangs flatters this model’s face nicely.

Pixie Hairstyles for Fine Hair

4. Jamie Lee Curtis Hair

Here is a elegant short pixie style for older ladies.

Short Pixie Cuts for Fine Hair

5. Pixie Cut for Fine Hairstyle

Pixie cuts looks great with brunette hair color and bangs.

Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

6. Emma Watson Pixie Cut

Emma Watson’s short pixie style was true inspiration for all women around the world.

Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair-6

7. Short Haircut for Older Women

Here is another short hairstyle would look good on older women.

Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair-7

8. Simple Pixie

This side parted pixie style looks simple yet stylish.

Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair-8

9. Light Brown Pixie Cut

Her light brown pixie cut emphasize her eyes and facial features beautifully.

Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair-9

10. Women Over 50

This blonde pixie style is elegant and stylish that can be sported by women over 50.

Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair-10

11. Thin Hair 2016

Layered pixie styles are great for thin hair, and looks really nice.

Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair-11

12. Messy Pixie Cut

This messy and spiky pixie cut add some texture to your thin hair.

Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair-12

13. Side Swept Pixie

Side swept bangs and light blonde highlights make this pixie much more stylish.

Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair-13

14. Casual Pixie Hair

Lastly here is pixie style for women of all ages with thin hair.

Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair-14



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  1. Cutting thin hair should be done in straight cuts, without thinning of the tips in order to keep the hair density. Structured haircuts with lots of layers are perfect. In addition to volume, they also make your hair vibrant and easy to manage. A good haircut in a short length is a bob, pixie or a boy cut – their round silhouettes are ideal for fine hair. Any fringe will work with these cuts. Look at these pictures and check!

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