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Pixie haircuts are undoubtedly the best short haircuts for you! They are heavily adored by the celebrities and are heavenly cute. If you are deciding to go for a pixie hairdo then you are doing it just right. Pixie haircuts are the best pick for summer and the trendiest look for winters. That means that pixie haircuts are an all rounder. Pixie haircuts are woman’s short hairstyle in which the hair is cropped in layers usually, to create a tousled effect. Pixie haircuts are adorable as they leave a person looking cute and eye catching.

This piece of article contains the cutest and the trendiest pixie hairstyles that are worn the most. If you want a pixie hairdo this year then you need to catch on with one of these hairstyles. Mohawk style has made its place in the fashion world quite swiftly and the lazy Mohawk looks really alluring. However this hairdo is more popular among the celebrities. Colored pixie hairstyles are very appealing as well. They add to the cuteness of a person. If you desire to look decent then you can keep your bangs swept backwards, that looks really amazing and elegant. The spikes pixie hairstyle is very unique and you might have seen many celebrities with this short hairdo. Therefore you ought to look at the below mentioned pixie haircuts and pick one of these to make it your hairdo this year!

Short Blonde Lazy Mohawk Style:

Pixie Style Haircuts


Simple Short Haircut for Girls:

Pixie Hairstyles for Women


The Lazy Mohawk hairstyle for Women:

Pixie Hair Styles


Textured Short Haircut with Backwards Swept Hair:



Cute Messy and Edgy Short Haircut:

Short Pixie


Super Short Side Swept Haircut:

Pixie Haircut Images_1

Cute Blonde Colored Short Haircut:

Pixie Haircut Images_2

Short Hairdo with Spiky Front:

Pixie Haircut Images_3


Blonde Colored Hair with Side Swept Front:

Pixie Haircut Images_4


The Messy Spikes Pixie Haircut:

Pixie Haircut Images_5


Simple and Straight Short Pixie Hairdo:

Pixie Haircut Images_6


Completely Side Swept Straight Haircut:

Pixie Haircut Images_7


Super Short Gray Boyish Hairstyle:

Pixie Haircut Images_8


Cute Short Pixie Hairdo for Girls:

Pixie Haircut Images_9


The Cool Messy Hawk Style:

Pixie Haircut Images_10


Super Short Boyish Pixie Haircut:

Pixie Haircut Images_11


Blonde Pixie Cut with Pink Bang:

Pixie Haircut Images_12


The Messy Spikes Pixie Haircut:

Pixie Haircut Images_13


Super Short Haircut with Messy Front and Top:

Pixie Haircut Images_14


Cute Short Pixie Cut with Short Bangs:

Pixie Haircut Images_15


The Decent Backwards Swept Pixie Hairstyle:

Pixie Haircut Images_16


Funky Short Pixie Cut with Hair Band:

Pixie Haircut Images_17


Back View of Hawk Style:

Pixie Haircut Images_18


Messy Layered Short Pixie Haircut:

Pixie Haircut Images_19


Super Short Cut with Bangs at Front:

Pixie Haircut Images_20


Pixie haircuts are appealing and make one appear in a more trendy and stylish manner. They have gained lot fame among the crowd and their unique and modish cuts and edges add up to its variety. They are loveable and leave you with a cute and admirable emergence. However for all the girls out there who want to head for a short hairdo this year, pixie haircuts should be your choice! Take a different step and feel happy with the amazing change.

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