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Are you ready for the look that will certainly change your life and your persepctive regarding everything that is going on right now? Then, you should take a look at short haircuts that are in style for the moment. Yes, maybe it is time to opt for the type of haircut that will make you look less simple and more modern and noticeable. You do want people to look at you as you pass by, right? Then there is nothing simpler than getting the number of a great stylist that can make that change of look happen. The more difficult part is the one where you need to look for all sorts of haircuts and choose the one that you like best. This part is challenging because there are so many styles out there, that you would not know where to start. Well, you are in luck today because we have made a list of the hottest haircuts that are in trend right now. All you have to do is take a look and take your pick.

Short Pixie Hair

Even though this haircut might not strike you as a pixie haircut just take a closer look. It is indeed a longer version of the pixie haircut that we are all used to, added a little bit of volume and a messy effect. It’s great!

Trendy Short Pixie Hair


Trendy Short Bob

When you want a trendy hairstyle that is simple, but that has a really great effect on your overall look, then you should definitely take a look at bob haircuts. Opting for a short bob will surely make you look great!

Trendy Short Bob Hair


Short Asymmetrical Hairstyle

If you want a version of the pixie look that will help you opt for more original hairstyles, then you should have yor hair cut this way. Having a longer strand of hair will allow you stylel your hair differently all the time.

Trendy Short Asymmetrical Hairstyle


Short Hair With Bangs

When you look at this haircut, you do not only see red hair or a bob. You see a combination elements that put together make the look really interesting and gorgeous. You also have volume and great bangs!

Trendy Short Hair With Bangs


Sporty Hair

If you are the type of person that enjoys working out, then you should opt for a hairstyle that allows you to run and do all sorts of activities without worrying that your hair will get in your face all the time.

Sporty Short Hair


Asymmetric Short Bob Hair

Now, this is really an interesting haircut that you do not see very often. Maybe yo usee it on fashion shows, but that is it. You just need to find a great hairstylist that is able to take your hair and work on a piece of art!

Asymmetrical Short Hair


Short Haircut with Short Bangs

This is the type of haircut that you should opt for if you want to look dangerous and daring at the same time. Add the right pair of glasses and you could be in a Bond movie! Cut your hair short and enjoy the look!

Short Hair with Short Bangs


Sexy Short Haircut

This is the type of bob that will allow half of your face to be permanently covered, fact that will not allow anyone to be able to look you in both eyes at the same time. You will look mysterious and sexy!

Sexy Short Hair


Short Rock Hair

Even though you might thing that the Elvis look is just for men and that it is not something that you can play with, just look at this hairstyle. With the right hair product, you will be able to look great in just a few seconds!

Women Rock Hair


Celebrity Hair

This is the type of haircut that is completed by a really nice ombre. The interesting thing about it is the fact that it is a simple haircut. You just need to make sure that you opt for a straight line and that is it!

Trendy Celebrity Hair


One Sided Pixie

On one side of your head you will have longer hair and on the other side, you will have really short hair. This is a really modern approach of the pixie hairstyle, but it is really good looking due to its great volume!

Short One Sided Hair


Messy Short Hair

Now, even though you might believe that this is the type of look that is really hard to achieve, just take a look at the great colour of the hair and at the fact that just a few strands of hair are styled. With the right product, it will look fantastic!

Trendy Messy Short Hair


White Pixie

Even though the hair is really short on the sides and in the back, you will be benefiting from a lot of volume and from the fact that your hair will have a much different colour than what you see on the street every day.

White Pixie Cut


Layered Hair

This is definitely a longer version of the pixie haircut and due to the many layers, you have a lot more volume than you would have without the layers. You can look sexy and cute at the same time without too much trouble.

Tredny Layered Hair


Original Cut

This haircut is truly just about lines. Straight lines and layers go together very well, especially if you colour the layers in different shades. If you want an original look, then this is surely the way to go. So, call your stylist!

Original Cut


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