Must-See Short Hair Color Ideas

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Wanna spice up your hairstyle with a trendy hair color? We have collected images of Must-See Short Hair Color Ideas for you! Check these gorgeous short hairstyles and be inspired by these looks!

1. Rainbow Underneath

Rainbow hair color would be a really nice idea if you like to sport an eye catching hairstyle.

Short Hair Color Ideas

2. Ombre for Short Hair

Bob hairstyles are in trends lately and you can add a stylish twist to your bob with platinum blonde ombre color and waves.

Short Hair Color

3. Alexa Chung Hair Color

Alexa Chung’s layered bob hairstyle with bangs is perfect choice with this chocolate brown hair color.

Hair Color for Short Hair

4. Red Ombre Colored Hairstyle

If you have medium to dark skin tone, this chopper red ombre hair color would look really pretty on you.

Short Colored Hair

5. Short Green Hair Color

Pastel hair colors are popular nowadays and this green color looks great on her short hair.

Short Hair Colors

6. Balayage on Short Brown Hair

This balayage hair color on a bob hairstyle with waves looks natural, chic and cute.

Short Hair Color Ideas-6

7. Blue and Purple

As you can see pastel blue/purple hair color can be sported with darker and vibrant blue roots.

Short Hair Color Ideas-7

8. Blonde Pixie

Blonde hair color is always eye-catching and feminine and looks perfect on pixie cuts too!

Short Hair Color Ideas-8

9. Different Colored Pixie

If you like to stand out of the crown easily, you can go with different hair colors like this one below:

Short Hair Color Ideas-9

10. Short Red Curly Hair

Here is a short red hairstyle for curly hair, pink highlights gives a really nice touch up to her look.

Short Hair Color Ideas-10

11. Mandy Moore Hair Color

Mandy Moore’s sun-kissed slightly angled bob hairstyle is one of the best looks of this year.

Short Hair Color Ideas-11

12. Bright Green

Here is a bright pastel short hairstyle with layering and messy style.

Short Hair Color Ideas-12

13. Copper Brown Hair Color

Emma Stone’s chopper red hair color is perfect for ladies with light skin tone and green eyes.

Short Hair Color Ideas-13

14. Pink and Orange Hue

Platinum blonde hair can be pared with pink or orange hues to create a chic style.

Short Hair Color Ideas-14

15. Hair Color Trend 2016

Here is a messy bob hairstyle with blonde balayage, this one can be sported by medium skin toned ladies best.

Short Hair Color Ideas-15

16. Platinum Pixie Cut

If you have thick hair texture, this platinum pixie cuts with spiky style would be a nice choice for you.

Short Hair Color Ideas-16

17. Two Colored Hair

Scarlett Johansson sports with undercut pixie cut for while and she look really cool and chic.

Short Hair Color Ideas-17

18. White Hair

White and gray hair color is really popular  among young women and this bob hairstyle looks magical with her light pinkish skin tone.

Short Hair Color Ideas-18

19. Gray Hair Color

Here is a curly gray bob hairstyle for young women with unique style.

Short Hair Color Ideas-19

20. Ombre Style

If you have thin and straight hair this simple bob hair with layering at the end would be great.

Short Hair Color Ideas-20


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