Must-See 20 Short Cropped Hair Ideas for Stylish Ladies

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Here you are most stylish and different ideas about Short Cropped Hairstyles! If you want to get a new haircut, you are in the right place. In this article you will find popular pixie cuts, classy and modern short hairstyles and more… With our different cropped short hairdos you will find your own style easily. Just check these pictures and pick a style for yourself!

1. Platinum Blonde

Pixie cropped hairdo looks so stylish and you feel moew energic with this haircut!

Short Cropped Hair

2. Short Cropped Haircut

Especially young ladies, with this type haircut you’ll eye-catching and differet! Do not afraid to getting a short hair 🙂

Short Cropped Haircuts

3. Short Bob

Bob cuts always beloved by ladies, and if you want to cut your long hair, we offer you these type bob haircuts!

Short Cropped Haircut

4. Layered and Graduated

Business ladies really likes this hairdo, and this is looks so classy and attractive, isn’t it?

Very Short Cropped Hair

5. Short Curly Hair

If you have thick hair, you should try this graduation style pixie. This is looks so cool and comfortable in hot days.

Short Cropped Hair Styles

6. Pink Blonde Pixie

You can try different hair colors on your pixie hair, pastel purple roots, and pinky blonde ends…

Short Cropped Haircuts-6

7. Dark Pixie

If you want to see best examples about natural hair pixie, here you are:

Short Cropped Haircuts-7

8. Charlize Theron

Theron’s style always beloved by ladies, and she’s totally classy and beautiful with her short hair!

Short Cropped Haircuts-8

9. Super Short

This buzz cut super short hair looks so different and if you dare for a new look, this one totally awesome!

Short Cropped Haircuts-9

10. Choppy Bob

Choppy style simple bob cut looks so nice and adorable. Totally great for thin hair owners.

Short Cropped Haircuts-10

11. Trendy Pixie Crop

This undercut, modern pixie hair will help you for a cool and stylish look. Also with this side shave you feel different.

Short Cropped Haircuts-11

12. Super Cute Short Hair

Fat faced ladies, this one layered asymmetrical long pixie, you look really cute and trending!

Short Cropped Haircuts-12

13. Purple Underneath

If you love different hair colors, and want to try something crazy, this, purple-blue and blonde colored bob hair totally for you!

Short Cropped Haircuts-13

14. Casual Bob Cut

If you don’t preffer complexity, you can try short simple bob hair like this one. This is really simple to giving style, and you will really fresh!

Short Cropped Haircuts-14

15. Lauren Conrad Style

This is how to growing out Lauren Condrad bob look, medium-short hairstyles looks so attractive:

Short Cropped Haircuts-15

16. Choppy Cropped

Choppy bob cuts make your thin hair look more thicker. You can preffer this blonde choppy bob.

Short Cropped Haircuts-16

17. Short Layered Haircut

Here you are really nice and stylish layered pixie cut. With copper red hair, looks so cool:

Short Cropped Haircuts-17

18. Kaley Cuoco Short Hair

Kaley’s short pixie-bob style hair really beloved by ladies:

Short Cropped Haircuts-18

19. Edgy Pixie

Simple short edgy pixie cut looks so classy, especially for older ladies.

Short Cropped Haircuts-19

20. Grey Pixie

Long top granny colored pixie looks so captivating, if you dare a pixie, you should try this one!

Short Cropped Haircuts-20




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