Ladies’ Choise: Short Pixie Cuts

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Pixie cuts are one of the most preferred hairstyles for courageous women. Pixie haircut is bold, daring sexy and always looks modern and chic. So today we want to show you the latest pixie style trend that ladies prefer the most!

1. Super Short Hairstyle

Tapered short hairstyles are perfect for ladies with thick and straight hair this way your hair would be much more easy to style.

Short Pixie Cuts

2. Very Short Haircut

Super short haircut is so popular since 60’s, ┬áit frames the face nicely and creates powerful and cool style.

Short Pixie Hairstyles

3. Short Dark Haircut

Dark short cropped hairstyle with bangs definitely frames her face nicely and creates nice texture on the top of the head.

Short Pixie Haircuts

4. Brown Pixie Hair

Light brown hair color and bangs looks absolutely on this girl with pale skin tone and gorgeous big eyes.

Pixie Hair Cuts

5. Short Blonde Pixie

This simple blonde pixie cut would be a perfect style for middle-aged women who like to sport easy-to-style haircut.

Short Pixie Cut

6. Women with Buzzed Hair

Buzzed and super short haircuts will definitely emphasize your facial features like color of your eyes, cheekbones especially if you have dark hair.

Short Pixie Cuts-6

7. Bright Blonde Pixie Cut

Bright and platinum blonde haircuts are perfect for young women who has light skin tone and eye color.

Short Pixie Cuts-7

8. Cute Pixie

Here is a really cute short pixie style with golden blonde hair color and red lips.

Short Pixie Cuts-8

9. Two Colored Short Pixie

This multiple colored long pixie style is shorter at the back and longer at the top. Longer part is colored with blonde hair color while the shorter sides are darker.

Short Pixie Cuts-9

Here are some other pixie haircut images that you may find inspiring:

10. Extra Short Ash Blonde Pixie

Short Pixie Cuts-10

11. Dirty Blonde Hair

Short Pixie Cuts-11


12. Funky Short Pixie

Short Pixie Cuts-12

13. Lovely Pixie

Short Pixie Cuts-13

14. Short Pixie Undercut

Short Pixie Cuts-14

15. Pretty Short Pixie

Short Pixie Cuts-15

16. Over 50 Short Pixie

Short Pixie Cuts-16

17. Kim Hnizdo

Short Pixie Cuts-17

18. Trendy Short Pixie

Short Pixie Cuts-18

19. Ash Blonde Highlights

Short Pixie Cuts-19


20. New Pixie Cut Style

Short Pixie Cuts-20

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