Great Short Hairstyles for Black Women

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When it comes to hairstyle, different people have different kinds of hair which definitely needs specific hairstyle. In the same way, black women have unique hair which calls for specific hairstyle. Here are some of the unique black women hairstyles from which you could choose from.

The Natural Kinky Hairstyle for Black Women

This kind of hairstyle is specifically good for those with kinky hair. The natural curls create a lovely look which is fantastically charming. Likewise, it creates volume and gives you a gorgeous natural look.

Natural Kinky Hairstyle for Black Women

The Halle Berry’s Short Hairstyle

This is Halle Berry’s signature short hairstyle. It is awesomely cool with brushed up hair and short sides and back. The look is good and fantastic. It creates a boyish look which is feminine at the same time. You will surely love to sport this hairstyle.

Halle Berry’s Short Hairstyle

The Short Blonde Curly Hairstyle

This lovely hairstyle is very much appealing and awesomely attractive. It creates a definitive look which is quite cool and charming. The soft curly blonde hair gorgeously blends with one’s skin to create a lovely elegant look. You will surely love this hairstyle.

Short Blonde Curly Hairstyle

The Short Brushed-up Hairstyle

This lovely hairstyle is elegant and ravishingly attractive. The brushed-up side hair goes up to the front giving you a voluminous hair in the front. Likewise, it gives you a charming gorgeous look which is very appealing to look at.

Short Brushed-up Hairstyle

Short Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

This short bob hairstyle comes with lovely bangs which definitely gives you a very cute personality. Likewise, the soft shiny bob hair gives your face a charming and attractive look which is very appealing to other people. It is very cute and amazingly gorgeous.

Short bob hairstyles with bangs for black women

Short Bob Curly Hairstyle

This type of hairstyle looks great for those who have well-defined faces, and it is best for those who have natural curly hair. The curly hair makes your hair look voluminous and lovely. You can definitely try this hairstyle for the cool natural look it creates.

Short curly bob hairstyle for black women

Short Mohawk Hairstyle

This type of cut is very easy to maintain. The hair in the middle has to be long as compared to the sides to create the spikes. Likewise, the sides can either be shaved off or not to set it in contrast against the spikes. You will definitely create a radical rebellious demeanor with this hairstyle.

Short mohawk hairstyles for black women

Short Wavy Bob Hairstyle

This type of cut will never really go out of style. It creates a classy looking wavy hairstyle which is gorgeous and attractive at the same time. The fiery hairstyle is definitely charming to look at and stunningly appealing.

Short Wavy Bob Hairstyle for black women

Short Layered Bob Hairstyle

This type of hairstyle is ideal for those with oval-shaped face. The layers in the back create volume giving you a stylish and very fashionable look. Lovely and appealing, this hairstyle basically creates a sophisticated look which is attractive and appealing at the same time.

Short Layered Bob Hairstyle for black women

Short jazzy hair

The short jazzy hairstyle is suitable for women who are always on the go. You can style it easily. The bangs were cut unevenly to create a jazzy look which is stunning lovely. Simple and cute, you will surely enjoy this lovely appealing hairstyle.

Short jazzy hair

Soft Bob Layered Haircut

This type of hairstyle looks sassy & elegant. You can definitely rearrange the way you part your hair to make it look very classy; but it looks best if it’s parted on the side. This straight blonde hairstyle is stunningly lovely and attractive. You will surely love this hairstyle.

Soft Bob Layered Haircut

Short Pixie Hairstyles

The pixie hairstyle is very versatile; it will look good on all types of hair. This is best for those who have thin or fine hair to make it look excitingly attractive. You will definitely find this hairstyle charming and cool.

Short Pixie Hairstyles for black women

Short Afro Hairstyle with Gorgeous Coil

This beautiful afro hairstyle with gorgeous coil is a common hairstyle among African-Americans. Having your natural thick and tight black hair cut to short-length, you can definitely coil it. Then brush it up to reveal a stunning fluffy look. This will surely make you look astonishingly attractive and appealing.

Short Afro Hairstyle with Gorgeous Coil

Short Twist-out Hairstyle

This kind of hairstyle definitely fits a career woman. You don’t need a stylish professional to create this hairstyle. All you need is less than 20 minutes to mimic this hairstyle. Of course, you need a comb, water, and moisturizer to create this simple and yet stunningly charming look.

Short Twist-out Hairstyle

The lovely Jazzy Hairstyle

This hairstyle is definitely lovely. The short sleek sides and back is contrasted with the curly top which flows naturally over your forehead. Lovely and fashionable, this hairstyle is very trendy and fabulous.

lovely Jazzy Hairstyle

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