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Short hair has taken over the fashion world swiftly. Girls love cutting their hair short and it makes them look cuter than ever. Short hair is well known for sharpening ones features and adding up to the outlook of a person. So if you have long hair, try cutting it short this summer. It is the new trend and surely you will admire your own new appearance. Haircuts and styles keep changing. Sometime back the shaggy look was out rated but now we can again see this style taking over. So nothing remains forever. Whatever reaches its apex also faces downfall. Therefore if you are sticking to your old hairdo then you need to change it girl! What if your friends start calling you dull and unstylish?

We mostly get inspired by celebrities and they are the only public figures who introduce the new trends to us. They set up the fashion statement of every year and the changing styles are portrayed by them so well that people fall in love with the different styles. Similarly hairstyles are also adopted by celebrities. They keep experimenting with their hair and people choose what they like the most. Short hair is more popular among the blitz people. Models and actors carry it off well and it suits them best also. They have the confidence to carry anything and they make it famous just in minutes. Thus girls! It is a game of confidence. If you aren’t sure about your own outlook, how do you expect other people to adore you? Below we have listed some appealing and cute short hairstyles of celebrity women, which will make you look alluring and beautiful. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down ladies!

1. Super Short Backward Swept Hair:

Celebrities with Short Hair

2. The Undercut Hairstyle with Backward Swept Hair:

Short Celebrity Hairstyles

3. Side View of Side Swept Short Hair:

Short Hair Celebrities

4. Cute Short Haircut with Short Bangs:

Female Celebrities with Short Hair

5. Blonde Colored Straight and Short Hair:

Celebrities Short Hairstyles

6. White Colored Bob Hairdo with Blunt Front:

Lady Gaga Bob Hairstyle

7. Cute Short Hair with Curled Ends:

Carrie Keagan Cute Short Hairstyle

8. The Messy Curly Hairdo for Short Hair:

Kimberly Wyatt Messy Curly Hairstyle

9.The Messy Spikes Hairstyle for Women:

Alyssa Milano Messy Spikes Hairstyle

10. Cool Short Bouncy Side Swept Hair:

Rihanna Cool Short Hairstyle

11. Short Hair with Spiky Top:

Halle Berry Short Hairstyle

12. The Chic and Modish Backward Swept Hair:

Hayden Panettiere Chic Hairstyle

13. The Trendy Curly Asymmetrical Hairstyle:

Milla Jovovich Short Asymmetrical Hairstyle

14. Cute Short Wavy Bob Hairstyle for Girls:

Taylor Swift Wavy Bob Hairstyle

15. The Stylish Super Short Edgy Hair:

Jennifer Lawrence Short Edgy Hairstyle

16. Super Short Blunt Hairstyle for Women:

Selma Blair Short Blunt Hairstyle

17. Side Parted Short Curly Hair:

Kim Cattrall Curly Hairstyle

18. The 1950’s Side Swept Curly Hairdo:

Dita Von Teese Curly Hairstyle

19. Super Trimmed Hair with Spiky Top:

Halle Berry Super Short Hairstyle

20. Gray Colored Spikes Hairstyle for Girls:

Ruby Rose Gray Colored Hairstyle


Hairstyles and cuts are very pivotal for your hair. They give you a refreshing and cute emergence. They make you appear differently than your day to day routine. So if you wish to alter the way your hair looks than you can surely pick one of the above mentioned hairstyles. They are unique, loveable, elegant and super cute. These hairstyles will make you look breathtaking and one of the trendiest women in the crowd. Look different and feel it this year. Make everyone wonder about your new hairdo and your new appearance will be loved! Don’t wait girls, just head out to your hairstylist right away!

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