Celebrity Short Hairstyles 2013 – 2014

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Our likes and wants are often influenced by what we see on the internet and on the big screen. In the same way, even our hairstyles are often a copy of the hairystyle of our favorite celebrity or actor on the big screen. This is definitely true because in the world of hairstyling, what is trendy and chic is often dictated by the styles and fashions of most celebrities. We like to imitate our icon’s hairstyle and for this reason, we present in this article some of the trendy short hairstyles of celebrities.  Well, there is nothing bad about mimicking the hairstyles of celebrities. In fact, it gives us an easy time in our search for the ideal short hairstyles for our personality and mood. Say for instance, if Rihanna or Emma Watson sport a lovely short hairstyle which we think would look good on us, we would easily have a good idea of what we want to have as a hairstyle.  In one sense, the hairstyles our favorite celebrities sport give us a novel idea of which hairstyle to sport in the coming days—and that facilitate our search for a good hairstyle.

In this article, 25 celebrity short hairstyles are showcased for us to feast on, appreciate, and later on imitate. Mesmerising and fabulous hairstyles of Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Julianne Hough, Vanessa Hudgens, Natalie Portman, and many more are vividly presented to us for our own enjoyment and appreciation. After browsing through this lovely collections of celebrity hairstyles, we are pretty sure that you would have chosen one or two from the list for you to work out with your haistylist. You always have the choice to look and feel like one of this iconic figures by sporting their hairstyles. Feel free and have an enjoyable time flipping through this awesome list of lovely short hairstyles.

Farah Fath’s Fabulous and Attractive Brushed up Bob Hair with Awesome Hues

Celebrity Short Hairstyles


Frankie Sanford’s Awesome Side-parted Pixie Cut

Celebrities with Short Hair

Jennifer Lawrence’s Cool and Charming Pixie Cut

Short Celebrity Hairstyles


Anne Hathaway’s Alluring and Mesmerizing Hair

Celebrity Short Hair


The Very Glamorous and Enchanting Bob Cut by Sarah Harding

Celebrity Short Hair Cuts


Carey Mulligan’s Charming Pixie Cut

Carey Mulligan Pixie Cut

Victoria Beckham’s Very Pretty and Attractive Pixie Hair with Lovely Bangs

Celebrity Short Hairstyles_1

Chelsea Kane’s Lovely and Attractive Bob Hair

Celebrity Short Hairstyles_2


Mandy Moore’s Very Attractive and Mesmerizing Bob Hair

Celebrity Short Hairstyles_3


Kate Mara’s Awesome and Glamorous Bob Hair with Fantastic Hues of Colors

Celebrity Short Hairstyles_4


Julianne Hough’s Lovely and Enchanting Bob Hair

Celebrity Short Hairstyles_5


Vanessa Hudgens’ Very Charming and Exciting Curly Bob Hair

Celebrity Short Hairstyles_6


Michelle Williams’ Very Pretty Pixie Cut

Celebrity Short Hairstyles_7


Amber Rose’s Very Short yet Fashionable and Attractive Hair

Celebrity Short Hairstyles_8

Morena Baccarin’s Cool and Charming Pixie Cut

Celebrity Short Hairstyles_9

Rachel McAdams’ Fabulous and Attractive Wavy Bob Hair

Celebrity Short Hairstyles_10


Natalie Portman’s Awesome and Charming Bun Updos Hairstyles

Celebrity Short Hairstyles_11


Keri Hilson’s Cool and Attractive Pixie Cut with Golden Hues

Celebrity Short Hairstyles_12


Halle Berry’s Cool and Attractive Pixie Cut with Flyaway Bangs

Celebrity Short Hairstyles_13


Elizabeth Shue’s Awesome and Very Charming Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Celebrity Short Hairstyles_14


Natalie Portman’s Lovely and Attractive Pixie Cut with Spiky Top

Celebrity Short Hairstyles_15


Winona Ryder’s Lovely and Attractive Flyaway Pixie Cut

Celebrity Short Hairstyles_16

Kristin Chenoweth’s Cool and Awesome Flip-out Bob Hairstyle

Celebrity Short Hairstyles_17

Brittany Murphy’s Fantastic and Charming Bob Hair

Celebrity Short Hairstyles_18


Caitlin Fitzgerald’s  Mesmerizing and Alluring Wavy Bob Hair

Celebrity Short Hairstyles_19


The good thing about this fantastic list of celebrity hairstyles is that you will have something to base on your hairstyle if ever you want to have a new short hairstyle. Aside from the new hairstyle ideas you get out this article, it also makes it easy for you to explain the kind of hairstyle you would like your hairstylist to create for you. Just point out to your hairstylist which celebrity hairstyle you would like to imitate from our awesome list, and your hairstylist will immediately understand what you want. It’s pretty and cool and awesome to look like one of your idolized celebrities. In fact, looking like one of your favorite celebrities is not a far-fetched idea after all.

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