Celebrities With Short Haircuts

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The beauty of celebrities is further enhanced by the hairstyle they sport. Likewise, in the history of hairstyles, there were trendy hairstyles which were popularized by celebrities and for this reason, we say that celebrities have great influence in determining which hairstyles will become trendy and which will not. In this article, we present some of the lovely short haircuts of celebrities for you to look at and appreciate.

The Awesome Messy Hairstyle by Brittany Daniel

This awesome messy hairstyle by Brittany Daniel is really fantastic and cool to look at. It is characterized by those cool strands of fine light blonde hair. The messy arrangement of the hair is really nice and unique and adds volume and texture to the hair. Likewise, the hues of cherry red enhance the appeal of this hairstyle. Brittany really carried this hairstyle very well.

Cute Celebrity Short Haircut


The Charming Graduated Bob Hairstyle by Helene Fischer

This charming graduated bob haircut by Helene Fischer is really awesome to behold. It has those lovely strands of golden blonde hair wrought in a graduated bob cut fashion. The side-swept bangs and the awesome side and back sections nicely complement each other creating a mesmerizing and highly alluring bob hair. I would surely love to sport Helene’s bob hairstyle in the future.

Celebrity Graduated Bob Haircut


The Tousled Pixie Cut by Sharon Stone

This fantastic bob cut is really very gorgeous and attractive for Sharon Stone considering the fact that Sharon‘s face is already lovely and gorgeous. The messy top—which trickles down to the sides and back—is really awesome and appealing. Likewise, the lovely layers at the sides and back add volume and style to this awesome hairstyle. This is really one of the nice and unique hairstyles of celebrities on our list.

Celebrity Short Layered Hairstyle


The Amazing Pixie Cut by Hayden Panettiere

This pixie cut is really lovely and fantastic with those cool brushed-up hair and awesome sides and back. The top section is nicely arranged while the sides and back uniquely complement top. Cool and exciting, this pixie cut allows a clear look at the lovely face of Hayden.

Hayden Panettiere Short Haircut


Victoria Beckham’s Lovely Messy Pixie

This fantastic messy pixie by Victoria Beckham is really gorgeous and attractive. The top section is messily arranged to create a lovely effect and enough volume and texture for this hairstyle. Likewise, the nice bangs are really charming to look at. Moreover, the messy arrangement extends to the sides and back. Victoria nicely carried this lovely pixie hairstyle.

Victoria Beckham Pixie Haircut


Lisa Rinna’s Flip Out Bob Hairstyle

This awesome bob hair is characterized by those amazingly thick strands of copper blonde hair. Moreover, this bob cut is defined by those flip out sides which definitely give this hairstyle its unique appeal. There is no problem with volume and texture with this hairstyle because the hair’s strands are quite thick. Likewise, the lovely bangs add glamour and style to this fantastic flip out bob haircut.

Celebrity Hairstyles Women Over 40


The Awesome Side-parted Bob Hairstyle by Ciara

This lovely and alluring hairstyle by Ciara is really very much feminine and attractive. The adorable side-parted hair gives this awesome bob hair enough appeal. Moreover, the charming layered sides and back add volume and texture to this amazing hairstyle. I would surely love to imitate this lovely bob cut in the future.

Ciara Short Hairstyle


Dannii Minogue’s Lovely Curly Bob Hairstyle

This lovely and alluring bob hairstyle is really attractive and gorgeous to look at. The awesome top section of the hair culminates in the lovely curly sides. The effect is definitely gorgeous and fabulous. Everybody would surely love to sport this captivating bob hair.

Celebrity Curly Bob Hairstyle


Jennifer Lawrence’s Nice Hairstyle

This cool bob hair sported by Jennifer Lawrence nicely enhances her face. The messy top of this hairstyle ends in the cool sides and back. Likewise, the side-parted hair allows a clear look at her lovely face. Moreover, the messy arrangement of the hair portrays a personality which is unaffected and very cool.

Jennifer Lawrence's Nice Bob Hairstyle


Rihanna’s Gorgeous Pixie Cut

Rihanna always has a way of exuding charm and confidence in whatever hairstyle she sports. Just like in this amazing hairstyle, she definitely carried it so well that her charm is further enhanced. This short hairstyle has lovely side and back sections. Yet, it is the awesome jagged bangs which make this hairstyle very attractive and alluring.

Rihanna Short Hair With Bangs


Jaimie Alexander’s Lovely Curly Bob Hairstyle

In this hairstyle, Jaimie Alexander nicely sported an awesome flip out bob hairstyle. The top section is nice and cool, while the sides exhibit a messy and flip out appearance. The effect is definitely gorgeous for Jaimie. This hairstyle truly enhances the beauty of Jaimie.

Jaimie Alexander Bob Hair


The Fabulous and Mesmerizing Pixie Hairstyle by Julianne Hough

This fantastic pixie hairstyle sported by Julianne Hough is definitely fabulous and mesmerizing. The updo is really gorgeous and allows a clear look at the lovely face of Julianne. Likewise, the nice side and back sections nicely complement the top. Charming and gorgeous, this short hairstyle is really awesome and amazing.

Julianne Hough Short Hairstyle


Kris Jenner’s Charming Bob Hairstyle

This charming bob hair by Kris Jenner is nice and lovely to look at. It has those medium-thick strands of black hair. This bob haircut has enough volume and texture. Likewise, the bangs are really charming and nice to behold.

Kris Jenner Short Haircut


Halle Berry’s Lovely Flip Out Bob Cut

This awesome flip out bob cut worn by Halle Berry is really charming and attractive to look at. It consists of auburn brown strands of short hair. The messy arrangement and the flip out sides enhance the appeal of this hairstyle. Likewise, the short bangs nicely complement the layered sides and back.

Halle Berry Short Hairstyle


The Ravishingly Attractive Brushed-up Pixie Cut

This lovely and attractive pixie hairstyle sported by Pink is really charming and cool to behold. The brushed-up top is the distinct feature of this hairstyle, while the sleek sides are really fabulous to look at. This lovely short hair by Pink is truly awesome and definitely very cheek and modern.

Alecia Beth Moore Hairstyles


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