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Braids for Black Women with Short Hair

One of creativity short hairstyle is a braided one for black women. You have so many choices you can do your hair. You can try with highlights, natural or curly texture, clips, patterns, shapes, etc.
Braiding for black women’s short hair is very sophisticated: cornrows, micro braids, fishtail, blocky, black braided buns, twist braids, French braids and more are at your layout. Once you pick a desired braiding style, thickness and have your hair braided, you may figure your braids into spectacular hairstyles both for every day and special events.
Here you are some example of Braids for Black Women with Short Hair. Take a look for your favourite.

1. Natural Hair Braided Updo

Natural Hair Braided Updos Hairdo


2. Short Braided Hairstyles for Black Women with Thin Hair

Best Short Braided Hairstyles for Black Women


3. Natural Hair Mohawk with Braids

Natural Hair Mohawk Hairstyles


4. African Hair Braiding Style

African Hair Braiding Style for Black Women


5. Afro Twist Braid Hairstyle

African American Twist Hairstyles


6. Unique Natural Hair Twist Styles

Best Natural Hair Twist Styles


7. Braided Bob Hairstyle for Chic Black Women

Best African American Braided Bob Hairstyles


8. Crochet Braids with Soft Dread Hair

Crochet Braids with Soft Dread Hairstyles 2015


9. Lovely Black Braided Updo Hair

Cute Black Braid Hairstyles for Short Hairstyles


10. Short Cornrow Hairstyle

Braided Up Dos and Natural Hairstyles


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  1. I do love how it’s okay to be semi-racist about black people by titling your article bla bla “for Black Women” as long as you’re talking about hair. If you wrote bathroom “for Black Women” You’d be in some major trouble.

    Any one with thick hair could enjoy these do’s.. that’s all i’m sayin..

    • Hello, Audaerin Exe! Thanks for the comment. We are using these titles because people searching these words for easily find their style. These words are keywords to people searching for, not we created. Sorry if we disturbed you. Have a nice day!

    • Sometimes it’s difficult to find salons that cater to ethnic hair – I can’t tell you how many salons I’ve called in Concord, NH looking for someone that does black hair – these types of articles are helpful as clearly black hair and white hair is handled differently. For instance many blacks can have their hair braided without rubber bands!

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