Best Celebrity Short Cuts 2013

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Why should you cut your hair short? Well, there are numerous advantages of opting for a short haircut, one of them being the fact that you can look like one the celebrities presented in this article. Also, you can make use of the fact that there have been women who have tried these haircuts, meaning that you can know for sure if it is going to look good on you or not. All you have to do is study the haircuts and the features of the celebrities that have opted for them. It will be much easier to make a decision regarding the haircut that you are about to have. What is the best advantage that you would benefit from the moment that you have decided to cut your hair shorter? You will no longer have to style your hair so much, fact that will cut the time used for this activity in half. Moreover, you will not need to use a lot product or spend that much time washing your hair. Get the celebrity look right now!

Julianne Hough

Having your hair coloured so light can make it a little bit fragile. However, if you choose to keep your hair as short as this and use as little products as possible to style it, it will look just awesome all the time!

julianne hough short hair

Chelsea Kane

This is the type of haircut that will make you look original without taking too much of your time. This means that you can style your hair fairly easy, without having to spend hours in front of the mirror. With this haircut, it is easy to look good!

chelsea kane short hairstyle

Rachael Taylor

This is the type of haircut that will allow you to style your hair without actually using any sort of product. However, with a scrunchy and a bobby pin, you can make your hair look fantastic even when you are having a bad hair day!

Rachael Taylor short hairstyle

Ginnifer Goodwin

If you want to be able to impress everyone, then go shorter. Even though it will dramatically change your appereance, it will look great. This is the haircut that will allow you to dry and style your hair in minutes!

Ginnifer Goodwin short hairstyle

Halle Berry

The spikes and the messy look are the two things that will make you look young at any age. It does not matter that you are no longer a rebellious teenager, as long as you know how to style your hair to look good.

Halle Berry short hairstyle


With Rihanna, haircuts go from short to shorter in minutes. So, if you want to see how it feels to have the haircut of a celebrity, it would be easier fi you started with the shortest one. Get the look and feel fantastic!

Rihanna short hairstyle

Kimberly Caldwell

The filled hair and the rich bangs will make your hair have a lot of volume. The moment that you have washed and dried your hair until the next time you wash it, you will be enjoying a lot of volume and a very neat look!

Kimberly Caldwell short hairstyle

Charlize Theron

Now, if you are looking to shock the people around you, then go for the ultra short look. The shorter the hair, the lesser the hassle and the more people to turn their heads to look at you. This is a fantastic way of allowing your hair to regenerate!

Charlize Theron short hairstyle

Portia de Rossi

Short and messy will help you get an elegant and also young look every day. As long as you have it cut the right length, you can get the messy look in a matter of minutes and with just a little bit of product.

Portia de Rossi short hairstyle

Jenny Frost

The longer bob will help you get a very neat look as long as you have straight hair or straighten it just after you have dried it. This way, you can be sure of the fact that your beautiful features will be seen.

Jenny Frost short hairstyle

Ruby Rose

The very short hair with longer bangs will give you that edge that everyone is talking about. People will certainly look at you as you pass by as you will have that bad girl look that will attract others as a magnet!

Ruby Rose short hairstyle

Anne Hathaway

This is the sort of look that makes you think about being rebellious. So, if you have grown tired of your long hair, then you should make a dramatic change and go for extra short hair that will emphasize your eyes and smile.

Anne Hathaway short hairstyle

Kimberly Wyatt

This haircut is all about volume and elegance. If you are looking for that look that will allow you to have short hair that appears to be longer, then this is the short cut that you will find more than satisfying in this matter.

Kimberly Wyatt short hairstyle

Halle Berry

Halle Berry knows how to pull off short hairstyles, so if you are looking for the shortest lengths that you can go without having going bold, then you should think about this hairstyle and tell the stylist to prepare his scissors.

Halle Berry short hairstyle

Dannii Minogue

Classy is the word that you are looking for when looking at Danii Minogue. If you want to make sure thatyour hair has an elegant feel about it, then do what this celebrity did and choose this beautiful bob with longer bangs!

Dannii Minogue short hairstyle

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