Best Celebrity Hairstyles for 2013

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If there is something that we do know about celebrities, besides everything that is written in the papers every single day is the fact that they always look fabulous. When it comes to choosing the perfect haircut for yourself, one of the first things that you do in order to get some ideas that you could share with your stylist is to look at what celebrities have come up with over the last few months. This year has been a very great one for some stars due to the fact that they were really inspired when they chose their hairstyle. If you want to get the look of one of the most famous people in the world, then all you have to do is to browse through the right pictures. You do not even need to choose just one. You can combine one look with another or simply give your personal touch to one of the hairstyles that you see here. Just take a look and take your pick!

Victoria Beckham

What we do know about Victoria is the fact that she always looks fabulous. This is a short haircut that will give you that mysterious edge that you are looking for when it comes to a bob hairstyle. Choose greatness!

Victoria Beckham short hair 2013

Halle Berry

When talking about short haircuts, Halle Berry has definitely presented many excellent ones. Here, her blonde and beautiful hair definitely makes her look interesting and beautiful at the same time without overdoing it.

Halle Berry short styles

Robin Wright

Some haircuts just say the word ‘elegant’ and if you were to opt for this specific hairdo, you will certainly look great every single day. Moreover, your hair will look good without too much styling needed.

Robin Wright new short hair


The straight bob and the blonde hair looks beautiful with Beyonce’s complexion. If you want to look this great without having the burden of long hair, then all you have to do is opt for a bob haircut and that’s it!

Beyonce new short hair

Miley Cyrus

This is certainly a rebel look that will look good on anyone that enjoys really short hair on the sides. With the longer hair on the top, you can do anything: curl it, straighten it, opt for any sort of styling option.

Miley Cyrus blonde short hair

Chelsea Kane

Chelsea looks fabulous with this glamorous look and she does not even have to try too much. In fact, when it comes to short hair, all you have to do is use your curling iron and the hairdo is done in a few minutes.

Chelsea Kane short haircut

Rachel McAdams

Rachel’s wavy hair looks perfect in this light. If you want to opt for something natural, then choose this short and wavy bob that does not need too much attention from your part. Just let your hair dry naturally.

Rachel McAdams short wavy hair

Dannii Minogue

This is a classy look that goes perfectly with any ocassion. You do not even need to dress up in order to look this great. It is actually all about the haircut. You will look wonderful without even trying at all.

Dannii Minogue pixie cut

Kirsten Storms

Short fabulous hair is something that every single woman wants. Kirsten looks really natural and beautiful with her short and wavy hair. The short bangs also make you focus on her eyes and glamorous smile.

Kirsten Storms short haircut

Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer has gotten us used to seeing her have only pixie cuts. This time, she has a slightly longer one that makes her look great and gives her more options regarding the style of her hair. You can have this look too!

Ginnifer Goodwin short haircut

Mandy Moore

This short spiked look would make everyone look really young. Even though years are passing, Mandy Moore still looks like a glowing teenager. This is the effect of a really great haircut that was chosen wisely.

Mandy Moore short cut

Michelle Williams

The short wavy look that Michelle Williams has chosen for this year is actually simple, but it has a really strong effect. It makes her look marvellous without even needing to use too much styling product to get ths effect.

Michelle Williams short blonde hair

Katie Holmes

This business bob makes Katie Holmes look cute and serious at the same time. This is the type of haircut that will help you get the look of a business woman that is always busy doing something really important.

Katie Holmes short bob haircut

Sharon Stone

The volume of the hair Sharon Store is presenting makes her look really interesting. Even though she has reached a certain age, this look makes her look much younger than she acutally is. Perfect hairdo!

Sharon Stone short hair 2013

Ruby Rose

This is a different look that not anyone would have courage to choose. However, if you want to go for a dramatic change of look, then the light purple and the short hair will definitely help you obtain that!

Ruby Rose short boy cut

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