Beautiful Bob Hairstyles

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Girls really love to wear bob hairstyles in the same way that they love to sport long hairstyles. Yet, there is something alluring and elegant in bob hairstyles which can never be had with the long hairstyles. Here are some lovely and trendy bob hairstyles which you can readily have your hairstylist copied for you.

Super short bob hairstyle

The short bob hairstyle has been a trendy hairstyle for several decades already. It is lovely and gorgeous and elegantly gives you the fashionable look typical of a star. You would surely love this kind of hairstyle.

Super short bob hairstyle


The Two-Tone Bob Hairstyle

The two-tone bob hairstyle is definitely a sure hit among fashionable ladies. It combines two tones—a darker undertone and a lighter upper tone. The mixture is extremely gorgeous and lovely. The contrast gives you a fantastic look which enhances your look.

The Two-Tone Bob Hairstyle


The Side-swept Bangs Bob Hairstyle

The side-swept bangs bob hairstyle is a fantastic way of sporting your hair. It is amazingly gorgeous and fantastically lovely. It gives your face a fresher look which makes you look beautifully younger. You will surely love this wonderful hairstyle.

Side-swept Bangs Bob Hairstyle


The Gorgeous Blond Bob Hairstyle

The gorgeous blond bob hairstyle is amazingly lovely for blond hair. It lets your face exudes the regale attractiveness which is very pleasing to look at.

Gorgeous Blond Bob Hairstyle

The Brunette Bob Hairstyle

The brunette bob hairstyle is a lovely bob hairstyle which typically fits those with dark or brown hair. It is delightfully fabulous to look at with the dark hair gently falling downward just above the shoulder. Young brunette would surely feel great with this hairstyle.

Brunette Bob Hairstyle

The Flamboyant Bob Hairstyle

This gorgeous hairstyle is awesomely lovely, with some lower strands of hair flying away in a fantastic fashion. It gives you a cool and amazing look, which exemplifies an attractive demeanor. You will surely love this hairstyle.

Flamboyant Bob Hairstyle

The Golden Bob Hairstyle

The golden bob hairstyle is a gorgeous addition to the different bob hairstyle colors. It is alluring and fantastically lovely. With your hairstyle as amazing as this, you will surely be the darling of the crowd.

Golden Bob Hairstyle


Emily Blunt Long Bob Hairstyle

This hairstyle once sported by Emily Blunt is a gorgeous example of how you can wear a slightly longer bob hairstyle and exudes that feminine beauty, so simple and graceful. The hair gently reaches down to the lower neckline giving you a stunning womanly look.

Emily Blunt Long Bob Hairstyle

The Blonde Bombshell Bob Hairstyle

This hairstyle is a fantastic trim bob hairstyle which every blond girl wants to sport. It is amazingly gorgeous and elegant, enhancing your facial beauty. Couple it with lovely earrings and you would stunningly look attractive.

Blonde Bombshell Bob Hairstyle


The straight bangs Brunette bob hairstyle

The straight bangs brunette bob hairstyle is a sure hit among girls with naturally shiny straight hair. This hairstyle gives you a younger appeal and exudes a natural elegance. Girls would surely love to sport this hairstyle.

straight bangs Brunette bob hairstyle

The Midi Bob Hair

The Midi bob hair is an astonishingly cute hairstyle typical of a young oriental girl hairstyle. Simple and lovely, young girls of Japan and Korea love to sport this hairstyle. There is a natural innocence created in this kind of hairstyle which makes it a very appealing short bob hairstyle.

Midi Bob Hair

The Side-part Blond Long-Bob Hairstyle

This long-bob hairstyle is no doubt amazingly gorgeous. The hair is parted elegantly sideward until it reaches down to the shoulder. It gives your face a clear feminine look, which is stunningly elegant and beautiful. There is something regale about this hairstyle making it one of the most desired modern bob 2013 hairstyles.

Side-part Blond Long-Bob Hairstyle

The Brunette Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

This is amazingly a lovely 2013 short bob best for brunette hair. It definitely gives you a fantastic feminine look which is surprisingly lovely. Women would surely favor this kind of shortbob over other kind of hairstyles.

Brunette Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

The Top-it Short Bob Hairstyle

This kind of bob is amazingly lovely for brunette hair. It exudes a carefree character which befits an innocent girl. Surely, this is a lovely and trendy bob haircut for those who want to look cool and younger.

Top-it Short Bob Hairstyle

Medium-Length Bob Hairstyle for Blonde

This amazingly gorgeous bob hairstyle typifies a woman who is fun and bubbly. Nice and lovely, there is a playful elegance in this kind of bob hairstyle. You will surely look stunningly alluring in this hairstyle.

Medium-Length Bob Hairstyle for Blonde

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