60 Best Pixie Cuts Trending for 2022

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1: Hairstyle Handbook

A cropped pixie cut for curly textures looks so chic.
Brunette with Short Curly Hair

2: Janelle Mones Sideswept Pixie

Mones long bangs that are swept over to the side give the pixie style a fresh new vibe.
Janelle Monae Pixie Cut

3: Super Pixie

A super pixie cut is perfect for shaking things up.
Super Pixie

4: Choppy Pixie Cut

This is an edgier version of a pixie, and it looks adorable! We were huge fans of the well blended .
Choppy Brunette Pixie with Blonde Balayage and Fringe

5: Ultra Modern Pixie

Finding a hairstyle that truly reflects your character is a definite bonus. Not only will it make you feel attractive and confident, but it will also set an example for others who may be afraid to experiment!
Choppy Short Sides Long Top Pixie with Undercut

6: Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut
Source: instagram.com/p/CSwzYNACny3/

7: Pixie Hair

Pixie Hair
Source: instagram.com/p/CWs82WEKh-8/

8: Pixie Hairstyles

Pixie Hairstyles
Source: instagram.com/p/CRNFWcuDhBX/

9: Pixie Haircuts

Pixie Haircuts
Source: instagram.com/p/CD6XPKZnjBC/

10: Pixie Haircut

Pixie Haircut

Source: instagram.com/p/COaxx_1KnwV/


Pixie Hairstyle
Source: instagram.com/p/CIBpmlEjddy/


Pixie Hair Styles
Source: instagram.com/p/B78RdlRHmhr/


Pixie Hair Cuts
Source: instagram.com/p/CJYwLLunUcg/


Pixie Hair Cut
Source: instagram.com/p/CWs82WEKh-8/


Pixie Hair Style
Source: instagram.com/p/CRNFWcuDhBX/


Pixie Hair
Source: instagram.com/p/COaxx_1KnwV/


Pixie Cut Ideas
Source: instagram.com/p/CSh-cpbnRm-/


Pixie Hair 2022
Source: instagram.com/p/COaxx_1KnwV/


Pixie Hairstyles Ideas
Source: instagram.com/p/CVpZh3rqdiW/


Pixie Haircuts 2022
Source: instagram.com/p/CCTce7aHYvn/


Pixie Haircut Ideas
Source: instagram.com/p/COnpz-MK7MT/


Pixie Hairstyle 2022
Source: instagram.com/p/CWwup-lv2GL/


Pixie Hair Styles Ideas
Source: instagram.com/p/CEegZ7UjScf/


Pixie Hair Cuts 2022
Source: instagram.com/p/CSniUeutvSQ/


Pixie Hair Cut Ideas
Source: instagram.com/p/CFg5cWtAaPO/

31: Medium Messy Haircut

Messy Long Pixie Bob
Source: pinterest.com/pin/122441683608242191/

32: Haircut for Fine Hair

Medium Messy Haircut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/422281207212295/

33: Medium Pixie Haircut

Thin Hair Haircut

Source: pinterest.com/pin/501307002278437251/

34: Undercut Hairstyle

Medium Hair Undercut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/394416879877490607/

35: Funky Hairstyle

Medium Messy Haircut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/260505159686040828/

36: Funky Medium Hair

Medium Hair Back
Source: pinterest.com/pin/180495897556854509/

37: Medium Shaggy Haircut

Medium Shaved Hairstyle
Source: pinterest.com/pin/442408363405972113/

38: Medium Curly Hairstyle for Women

Medium Textured Haircut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/206391595414027369/

39: Medium Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Medium Layered Haircut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/551057704407971963/

40: Super Medium Hair

Medium Sassy Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/80924124545351869/

41: Funky Medium Hair

Medium Hair Back
Source: pinterest.com/pin/367324913366474109/

42: Choppy Pixie Cut

Textured Pixie Cut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/810648001679459539/

43: Undercut Hairstyle

Medium Spiky Hairstyle
Source: pinterest.com/pin/348747564904158648/

44: Medium Pixie Haircut

Medium Spiky Hairstyle
Source: pinterest.com/pin/651614639842647834/

45: Medium Layered Haircut

Very Medium Pixie Cuts
Source: pinterest.com/pin/454159943680320222/

46: Medium Pixie Haircut

Medium Shag Hairstyle
Source: pinterest.com/pin/15129348738877032/

47: Messy Pixie Haircut

Messy Pixie Cuts
Source: pinterest.com/pin/20899585760894463/

48: Pixie Cut

Messy Pixie
Source: pinterest.com/pin/361413938851531772/

49: Medium Hair Style

Hair Style 2022
Source: pinterest.com/pin/213780313537292150/

50: Edgy Pixie Cuts

Choppy Pixie Cut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/291608144605856537/

51: Undercut Hairstyle

Medium Hairstyle 2022
Source: pinterest.com/pin/263319909450060428/

52: Very Medium Pixie Cuts

Messy Pixie Cuts
Source: pinterest.com/pin/12807180182773769/

53: Medium Pixie Haircut

Medium Hairstyle for Thick Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/662381057702530832/

54: Medium Hair Cut

Super Medium Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/65161525850243399/

55: Medium Hair Cut

Asian Medium Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/348817933646021221/

56: Medium Hair Style

Medium Messy Haircut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/451978512613361792/

57: Messy Pixie Haircut

Blonde Pixie Haircut
Source: pinterest.com/pin/578360777168400713/

58: Medium Dark Hair

Messy Medium Hair
Source: pinterest.com/pin/706150416593292695/

59: Blonde Pixie Cuts

Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Source: pinterest.com/pin/537828380507946530/

60: Blonde Pixie Cuts

Blonde Pixie Cuts
Source: pinterest.com/pin/635289091189902539/


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