40 Short Hairstyles for Women

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When it comes to hairstyle, women are always confused. Hair makes a woman look cute. Women want to change but they don’t want to find themselves with a bad haircut and lose their ‘cuteness’. So, they tread carefully when they choose their hairstyle. But it’s a known fact that short hairstyles are the trend of the era. When the hair is short, it can be maintained easily and also looks fashionable. In the world where women have a work every day, they don’t want to spend time maintaining their hair.

But even when choosing short hair, there can always be confusion. Although short hairs are cute, some hairstyles might not suit for your office wear while some would. You have to take in all these do’s and don’t before choosing a hairstyle. The varieties, of course, are available in plenty. Let’s take a look at some of the great short hairstyles that would suit you.

One of the great trends that’s been catching up is the pixie bob. Pixie bob hairstyle is a mix of pixie and the bob both of which are one of the most prominent hairstyles. The combination gives a chic and gorgeous look. The hairstyle looks like a bob. But the pixie element of the hair is done at the back. The hair is cut short at the back and the front has long hair like a regular pixie. The sides are done like a bob. This haircut is being adopted by multiple models and celebrities. It’s a hairstyle that goes for any occasion and requires no maintenance. You can wear it and be carefree as you could.

Side parted short hair is another hairstyle that takes your appearance to the next level. It’s a very cute hairstyle and suits well for those with an elongated face. In the side parted short haircut, one side of the hair is cut shorter than the other. One side looks short and the other side has long hair. When parted, it gives a sexy appearance. Some ask for the front strand to be cut longer and they put their front strand over their face. You can also go a little further by coloring that strand alone. It makes even cooler and goes well with any kind of occasion. It is also a great hairstyle for your office wear.

A casual hairstyle is another kind that makes for a great style. The casual style looks like the hairstyle was done not with a comb but a free hand. It looks casual but also looks neat and cool. It suits well for those with a carefree attitude. The short hairstyle is enough to speak for you and also takes your glam up by many levels. Women can also try layered haircuts to boost the volume and density of the hair. There are many different types of layers that one can try. You could choose for a choppy layer or a soft layer if you want a trendy, cool hairstyle.

Below are some other hairstyles that you might want to try.

1-Short Hairstyle

Short Hairtyle, Bob Fine Blonde Chopped

2-Soft Layers

Soft Layers, Bob Layered Blonde Short

3-Pixie-Bob Cut Trend

Pixie Bob Cut Trend, Short Bob Layered Shag

4-Blonde Casual Hairstyle

Blonde Casual Hairtyle, Blonde Bob White Razored

5-Side Parted Short Hair

Side Parted Short Hair, Hair Hairtyles Short Fine


Short Women Hairtyles Bob


Bob Brown Women Balayage


Balayage Blonde Hair Short


Pixie Gray Hairtyles Short


Hair Short Hale Styles


Pixie Ladies Really Hair


Pixie Short Hair Over


Pixie Short Hair Anne


Pixie Short Faces Square


Hair Pixie Styles Black


Hair Bangs Long High


Short Hair Blonde Special


Hair Pixie Long Choppy


Hair Hairtyles Short Styles


Bob Layered Black Summer


Layered Pixie Blonde Messy


Hair Short Yoongi Tips


Pixie Hair Messy Short


Hair Thin Caramel Balayage


Hairtyles Hair Bob Special
















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