35 Best Short Hair Colors

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Short haircuts are the trendiest hair styles this year. Those, who want to change their looks with the haircut, will dye their hairs in different colors or in different techniques. It will definitely help them to change their looks or styles and make them more trendy or stylish. Here are some best 35 hair color tones for the short hairs.

Lightest tone of blue color in short haircut gives a glamorous look to the hair.

Light blue hair color

Lightest tone of any color gives a cute and girlish look to hairs whether it is short or long.

Light red hair color ideas

Faux Hawk is the lightest tone of any color. The girl in a pink faux hawk hair color gives a unique look.

Short haircut with a light red hair color tone looks amazing and gives a glamorous look also.

Dreamy wavy blue is the light and greenish-blue color. It gives a fairy like or cute look to hairs.

Dreamy wavy short blue

Light pink shade on the edges of short hair gives a cute look to hairs.

Cute short pink hair color

Blonde hair color of the straight short hairs looks pretty.

Pretty hair colors for straight hair

Jet black hair color on the short stylish haircut gives a trendy and modern look to hairs.

Any tone of red hair color gives a too trendy, unique and sexy look to your personality.

Short hairstyles for women with red hair

Short pixie haircut and a dark purple hair color look amazing.

Dark purple hair color pictures

Short undercut haircut is a very unique and stylish hairstyle ever for the women.

Short undercut hair women

Short pixie haircut with highlights of multi-colored tones gives a stylish and modern look to your hairs.

Multi colored highlights for short hair

It is a hair color which is dyed in two tones i.e. from darker to lighter tone and it gives a sharp look in a short haircut.

Short ombre hair color

Black hair color with dark pink streaks looks amazing.

Pink and black hairstyles for short hair

A straight hair with a cute short haircut and also dye in a dark red color looks too trendy and amazing.

Best short straight red hairstyles

Highlights of dark blonde hair color give a cute look to hairs.

Short hairs dyed in any two color tones looks different and trendy.

Short two tone hair color pictures

Colors add a unique and stylish look to the hairs.

Short haircut ideas with color

Dark red brunette hair color tone is especially for the young stylish teenager girls.

A girl with a short haircut and bang on one side looks amazing in bluish-purple hair color tone.

Short hair with color for women

Light or darker tone of pink color always gives a very girlish and cute look to hairs.

Pictures of pink short hairstyles

A black woman with a trendy short haircut looks pretty.

Pictures of black women with hair color

This light and dark hair color tone always give a glamorous look to your personality.

Short black and white hairstyles

Black and Blonde are another unique and stylish hair color tone for short hairs.

Black and blonde hair color styles

Short haircut dye in blonde color with a blue color at the edges of the hairs looks too pretty.

Short blonde and blue hairstyles

Pixie haircut is the trendiest haircut of this year and if it is dyed in red color, it looks sexy.

Red hair pixie cut

Short hair fully dye in blue color looks amazing.

Short blue hair color

Bob haircut with a pink hair color tone looks beautiful and cute.

An amazing red hair color tone for short haircut.

Another unique combination for short haircut.

Blonde and purple hairstyles

Funky colors on a short haircut give a trendy look.

Funky short hairstyles and colors

It is a unique combination for short hairs ever.

Darker to lighter pink tone on a short haircut looks pretty.

Short pink bob hair

It is a cool combination for short hairs.

Light pink color for short layered hairstyle.

Best short pink hair color

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