33 Short Choppy Haircuts

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Cameron Diaz is one of the popular celebrities there is. She has inspired many women especially when it comes to fashion. One of the things that she popularized among many women across this world is the choppy haircut. Choppy haircuts are one of the trendiest ways to cut your hair. In a choppy haircut, the hair is divided into sections. Each of these sections is divided based on the length of the hair and the hair is cut down in a random way. It looks chaotic at first but as all the sections of hair are done and when looked together, it creates a distinctive appearance.

Choppy hairstyles are a trend of the century and give a great appearance to the person who sports it. But it is important to consult a good hairstylist to achieve this appearance. It is very difficult to master the style and only the experienced hairstylists can present you with the desired result. With the choppy style, you can achieve some of the best hairstyles there is.

One of the best styles that can be achieved with the choppy style is the edgy choppy bob. Bob style is the best when it comes to short haircuts. It looks decent but trendy and goes well with any type of occasion. The bob is timeless and is a universal haircut. Such a great haircut can take your glam to the next level if you intertwine the haircut with a choppy style. In this style, the even layers of the classic bob look uneven giving you a trendy, new look. This unevenness gives the haircut the greatest style. In this style, you can choose to color random strands of hair to look even cooler. It will make a great fashion statement and looks neat on anybody who wears it.

Another haircut that comes to everybody’s mind when we talk about short hairstyles is the pixie cut. A pixie cut is famous among all the top models and celebrities. We often witness them wearing this hairstyle. Pixie goes well inside your office and inside a cocktail party. It’s a universal haircut. With the addition of choppy style in it, the haircut can make you look even cooler. The pixie which is shorter at the back and longer in the front will have random lengths in between giving a very cool appearance. It will also promote your attitude. Pixie cuts can also be given some good colors to make it stand out.

The Asian shaggy pixie is another hairstyle that is a trend of this century. The pixie looks shaggy by natural because of the different length of the layers in your hair. The haircut is done in a choppy style with less hair left in the back of the head and more hair towards the front. However, the layers are not done in the same fashion by being chopped randomly giving it a nice, trendy, and fashionable look.

There are also other hairstyles that you can try with the choppy style from the images below:

1-Short Choppy Haircut

Short Choppy Haircut, Hair Pixie Choppy Short

2-Edgy Choppy Bob

Edgy Choppy Bob, Bob Choppy Blonde Layers

3-Choppy Pixie

Choppy Pixie, Pixie Choppy Purple Pastel

4-Asian Shaggy Pixie

Asian Shaggy Pixie, Pixie Hair Choppy Short

5-Choppy Blonde Bob

Choppy Blonde Bob, Hair Choppy Bob Bobs


Hair Blonde Choppy Short


Pixie Blonde Choppy Razored


Pixie Choppy Layers Long


Hair Bob Fine Hairtyles


Choppy Blonde Short Pixie


Choppy Blonde Rose Dishwater


Hair Bob Choppy Bobs


Pixie Hair Gray Short


Hair Short Hairtyles Bob


Bob Short Hair Medium


Choppy Blonde Lob Hair


Hair Choppy Short Bob


Blonde Bob Choppy Bobs


Pixie Choppy Cut Tapered


Short Hairtyles Trendy Haircuts


Short Bob Choppy Hairtyles


Bob Choppy Bobs Angled


Short Bob Hair Bobs


Pixie Edgy Bangs Balayage


Wavy Bob Bronde Layers









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