30 Best Pixie Hairstyles

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The cute and very charming pixie cut is fast becoming trendy and appealing to women all around the world. The pixie cut is usually cut at the level of the nape and trickles down with layers from the crown. The side sections are usually cut right above the ears and tapered off slowly to the top. This hairstyle makes a women look more feminine and sophisticated and brings in a lot of charm and appeal. Pixie is indeed trendy because of the many celebrities who are sporting such hairstyles. The likes of Rihanna, Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway and many more have always been seen sporting lovely pixie cuts which charm and mesmerize the appreciating public. Likewise, its easy manageability and low maintenance are plus factors. Moreover, you will find a lot of women opting for the pixie cuts especially during summer, when the mercury starts to rise up and the weather makes us sweat a lot. Pixie cut is lighter on the head and cool enough to sport around. I guess you may be one of those trendy women who have opted to shed their long mane in favor of the cute and charming pixie hairstyles.

In this article, you will find thirty of the most charming pixie cuts. You can feast your eyes on these cool and attractive pixie cuts and maybe at the end pick one or two of these pixie cuts to wear later on in the succeeding days. You can join the bandwagon of women who have opted to look charming and alluring with their pixie hairstyles. The choice is always yours and your choices are plenty with short hairstyles. Hope you’ll enjoy browsing through and choosing the right and ideal pixie cut for your look, mood, and personality.

1. Julianne Hough’s Cool and Attractive Wavy Pixie Cut in Light Blonde Color: Awesome Layers at the Back which Taper Off to the Top

Short Hairstyles 2014

2. Cool and Attractive Brown-Colored Pixie Cut with Fantastic Bangs and a Bit Messy Top Arrangement

Pixie Cut

3. Anne Hathaway’s Fabulous Pixie Cut with Awesome Layers and Very Charming Bangs: I Can’t Take my Eyes Off Her.

Pixie Haircut

4. Lovely and Magnetic Pixie Cut with Cool Layers at the Sides and Back and Awesome Side-parted Bangs

Short Pixie Cuts

5. Jennifer Lawrence’s Cool and Charming Messy Pixie Cut with Little Spikes at the Top

Pixie Hair

6. Elegant and Attractive Pixie Cut with Cool Layers and Awesome Top Section

Short Pixie Haircuts

7. The Cool and Awesome Spiky Pixie Cut, Lovely and Attractive Indeed!

Best Pixie Hairstyles_1


8. Adorable and Very Attractive Copper Red-colored Pixie Cut: Cool Bangs and Side Sections

Best Pixie Hairstyles_2


9. Cool and Cute Pixie Cut, A bit Messy and Nonchalantly Attractive

Best Pixie Hairstyles_3

10. Halle Berry’s Cool and Charming Pixie Cut with Spiky Top and a Bit Messy Arrangement

Best Pixie Hairstyles_4


11. Cool and Awesome Pixie Cut with Nice Long Bangs and Glamorous Messy Arrangement

Best Pixie Hairstyles_5

12. Charming and Attractive Platinum-colored Pixie Cut with Jagged Bangs

Best Pixie Hairstyles_6

13. Elegant and Charming Grayish Pixie Cut with Nice Little Waves and a Bit Messy Arrangement

Best Pixie Hairstyles_7


14. Charming and Alluring Wavy Pixie Hairstyle with Cool Jagged Bangs and a Bit Messy Top

Best Pixie Hairstyles_8

15. Victoria Summer’s Lovely and Attractive Pixie Cut with Cute and Innocent Little Bangs

Best Pixie Hairstyles_9

16. Charming and Alluring Pixie Cut Arranged in a Bit Messy Manner, with Cool Attractive Bangs

Best Pixie Hairstyles_10

17. Cool and Charming Messy Pixie Hairstyle with Short Cute Bangs and Awesome Layers

Best Pixie Hairstyles_11

18. Elegant and Glamorous Pixie Cut with Side-swept Bangs, Cool layers and Awesome Copper Blonde Strands of Hair

Best Pixie Hairstyles_12

19. Lovely Messy Pixie Cut with Cool Layers and Charming Cute Little Bangs

Best Pixie Hairstyles_13


20. Very Fashionable and Trendy Pixie Cut with Charming Jagged Bangs and Nice Layers

Best Pixie Hairstyles_14

21. Wynona Rider’s Nice and Charming Pixie Cut with Spiky Top Section

Best Pixie Hairstyles_15

22. Very Cute and Alluring Copper Blonde-colored Pixie Cut with Awesome Jagged Bangs

Best Pixie Hairstyles_16


23. Very Charming Pixie Cut, Boyish, yet Very Attractive and Cool

Best Pixie Hairstyles_17


24. Alluring and Enchanting Pixie cut with Cool Layers at the Back and Nice Side-swept Bangs

Best Pixie Hairstyles_18

25. The Lovely and Amazing Pixie Cut with Cool Charming Little Charm

Best Pixie Hairstyles_19

26. Cool and Charming Black Pixie Cut with Alluring Bangs and Nice Layered Sides and Back

Best Pixie Hairstyles_20


27. Charming Melancholic Pixie cut with Nice Side-swept Bangs and Little Spikes at the Top

Best Pixie Hairstyles_21


28. Nice and Charming Messy Pixie cut with Cool Jagged Bangs and Spiky Top

Best Pixie Hairstyles_22

29. Nice and Lovely Pixie Cut with Cool Layers and Charming Bangs and Cute Messy Arrangement

Best Pixie Hairstyles_23


30. Elegant and Attractive Pixie Cut with Cool Messy Arrangement and Nice and Charming Little Bangs: Fabulous and Attractive Indeed!

Best Pixie Hairstyles_24


The beauty and charm of pixie hairstyles are really hard to ignore. Pixie cuts naturally allows your charm to come out. Likewise, it is very cool and charming and easy to sport around. Moreover, pixie cuts allow for more flexibility and comfort. I really hope you have a lovely and amazing time browsing through these awesome examples of pixie cuts. These lovely pictures are specially handpicked for you to have a general idea of how pixie hairstyles are really attractive and trendy. Hope these lovely pictures inspire you to shed those lovely long hair in favor of the easily manageable and low maintenance pixie cuts.

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