30 Best Pixie Haircuts

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As you are all well aware of the fact that pixie haircuts are meant to make you look beautiful. They are trendy and cool. When you meet someone the first thing they notice are your looks and personality. The hairstyle has a great impact on your personality, so you must keep an up to date hairstyle to have a great personality. As pixie hairstyles are in trend so almost everyone wants it but they also want a unique look. Here are few different pixie hairstyles which you can try:

Short pixie hairstyles look great on curly hair. They are trendy and cool. If you accompany them with side bangs they look extra cool.

Curly pixie hairstyles

You can try highlights on your pixie hairstyle to give them a unique look. Highlights put a great impact on your personality.

Pixie haircut with highlights

Chyer Leigh, one of the hottest celebrities in town, has also tried the new pixie hairstyle along with dark red hair color on them. She is looking stunning in it.

Chyler Leigh pixie haircut

Anne Catherine has also adopted the pixie hairstyle, with side bangs and jet black hair color. She is looking sexy in it.

Anne Catherine pixie hair

You can also try bleached pixie hairstyle. It is also the new style you can try with your hair.

Bleached pixie cut

You can adopt light brown hair color on your pixie hairstyle. It will make you look trendy and modern.

Short brown pixie cut

Women with oval face cut can go for this cute looking pixie hairstyle. You can accompany your hairstyle with some cute accessories to enhance its beauty.

Pixie cuts for oval faces

In 2013, this pixie hairstyle with the blonde hair color will be in the fashion scene. It is among the prettiest hairstyles you can adopt this year.

Blonde pixie haircut 2013

Carry Mulligan has adopted extra short pixie hairstyle on her blonde hair. She is looking cute in her new look.

Carey Mulligan Blonde Pixie Hair

Anna Hathaway has also tried the new pixie hairstyle. She is look glamorous as well as trendy in her new look.

Anne Hathaway pixie haircut

Best Pixie Haircuts-15

Best Pixie Haircuts

Best Pixie Haircuts-17

Best Pixie Haircuts-18

Best Pixie Haircuts

Best Pixie Haircuts

Best Pixie Haircuts-1

Best Pixie Haircuts-2

Best Pixie Haircuts-3

Best Pixie Haircuts-4

Best Pixie Haircuts-5

Best Pixie Haircuts-6

Best Pixie Haircuts-7

Best Pixie Haircuts-8

Best Pixie Haircuts-9

Best Pixie Haircuts-10

Best Pixie Haircuts-11

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