25 Short Wedding Hairstyles


It is a wish of almost every girl in the world that on the day of her wedding she looks beautiful, unique, amazing and trendy too. In the Hollywood, brides mostly like to have a simple decent hairstyle with any elegant accessory which gives a simple, stylish and trendy look to her personality. Here are some best 25 simple and decent hairstyles for brides which are also trendy hairstyle.

Short hairs are in trends which we all know very well. Brides also carry this hairstyle on her wedding with a light shade of blonde color and with any accessory. This makes them stylish and a beautiful bride.

Best wedding hairstyles for short hair

Bob hair cut with a curl at the edges of her hairs looks trendy and stylish for the brides also.

Short curly bob wedding hairstyles

Girls can also apply curls on her short haircuts. This hairstyle also looks amazing on her wedding. Hair accessory is very important for brides to look unique and stylish. So they can easily carry this hairstyle with a hair accessory.

Short curly wedding hair styles

A lot of wedding accessories are available in the markets which you can easily buy. A lot of decent accessories especially for the brides are designed to look stylish. A hair accessory includes simple items like any crown, artificial dry leaves, net, etc. With these accessories, girls can look a simple and stylish bride.

Wedding hair accessories

For brides, short hairs are the trendy hairstyle. It gives a simple and decent look to their personality.

Short hair bridesmaid

Flowers are one the most oldest and stylish hair accessory. It is especially for the brides. Short wavy haircut with a flower on one side looks too amazing and trendy.

Short wedding hairstyles with flowers

As bridals are very conscious about her styles and looks so the best hairstyle for them is the short hairs with a little wave. This haircut is the popular and trendy haircut of this year. You can also dye your hairs in any hair color tone. Use any simple and decent hair accessory which makes you more beautiful and a stylish bride.

Short bridal hair styles

Bob has been one of the best haircuts ever. This year bob haircut also a very trendy hairstyle but the time it comes with a lot variations and styles. Brides can also carry bob haircut on her wedding with elegant and beautiful accessory.

Short bob wedding hairstyle

Vintage Blonde, a well known celebrity of Hollywood. She had a beautiful short haircut on her wedding with messy waves at the edges of her hairs. She looks very pretty and stylish in this hairstyle.

Vintage blonde bride with short wedding hairstyle

Asian girls can also carry the same styles and trends for her wedding like the others. They also carry the trendy short haircuts with any accessory. The girl in the picture below had a very beautiful hairstyle with an elegant hair accessory.

Asian wedding hairstyles for short hair

Girls in stylish short wavy hairs look great and trendy. Brides can easily follow this trend in her wedding with any hair accessory to look more stylish and gorgeous.

Great wedding hairstyles for short hair

Bride in short and deadly straight hairs looks amazing. An elegant bead hair band also adds beauty to her hairstyle.

Wedding hairstyles for short straight hair

Short Wedding Hairstyles

Short Wedding Hairstyles-1

Short Wedding Hairstyles

Short Wedding Hairstyles

Short Wedding Hairstyles-4

Short Wedding Hairstyles-5

Short Wedding Hairstyles

Short Wedding Hairstyles-7

Short Wedding Hairstyles-8

Short Wedding Hairstyles-9

Short Wedding Hairstyles-10

Short Wedding Hairstyles -11

Short Wedding Hairstyles

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