25 Short Straight Blonde Hairstyles 2017 – 2018

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If you have flat type blonde hair, you should take a look at our 25 pics of wonderful short straight haircut tips that you can try out on this season for a new look. Short blonde hair is very eye-catching for ladies, and a style that men will turn their heads too. But if you want to have one of these hairstyles, you should not neglect your care. We recommend regular hair dyeing and some makeup for perfect beauty. Because with blonde hair your face looks more pale.

In this gallery you will find amazing blonde bob hairstyles, layered short haircuts, modern blonde lobs, white-blonde colors and more! If you want to enter the new year differently and beautifully, you should take a look at these wonderful short haircuts. Just check these pictures and pick the right style for yourself ladies! Let’s take a look:

1. Short Straight Blonde Hairstyle

Sleek blonde long bob, looks so stylish with blunt-cut style:

Short Straight Blonde Hair

2. Blonde Hairstyles

Layered lob cut, blonde top and dark brown underneath style looks so cool for young ladies:

Short Straight Blonde Hair

3. Straight Hairstyle

Ashy blonde looks so stylish on straight bob hair, totally eye-catching, isn’t it?

Short Straight Blonde Hair

4. Short Straight Blonde Hair

Really modern and attractive look for blonde-hair beauties:

Short Straight Blonde Hair

5. Short Hair

White blonde is really cool choise for ice-queens, in this cold days, you will feel absolutely stunning with this hair cut and color:

Short Straight Blonde Hair

6. Straight Bob

Bob Straight Blonde Stacked Bobs , Straight Bob

7. Casual Hair

Carrie Bob Straight Undercut Thick Red Long Blonde , Casual Hair

8. Blonde Balayage

Blonde, Blonde Balayage

9. Fine Hair

Straight Fine 2014 , Fine Hair

10. Short to Medium

Bob, Short to Medium

11. Layered Hairstyle

Blonde, Layered Hairstyle

12. Blunt Bob

Bob, Blunt Bob

13. Blonde Highlight

Bob, Blonde Highlight

14. Jennifer Lawrence

Bob, Jennifer Lawrence

15. Short to Medium

Bob, Short to Medium

16. Thin Hair

Straight, Thin Hair

17. Fashionable Hair

Bob Summer Woman Straight Fashionable 30 All , Fashionable Hair

18. Layered Hair

Bob, Layered Hair

19. Straight Blunt Bob

Bob, Straight Blunt Bob

20. Straight Bob

Bob, Straight Bob

21. Cute Hair

Curly , Cute Hair

22. Blonde Balayage Bob

Straight , Blonde Balayage Bob

23. Medium Straight Bob

Bob Medium Straight Mid Long Lob Length Blonde 2017, Medium Straight Bob

24. Stacked Bob

Bob, Stacked Bob

25. Pixie Hair

Pixie, Pixie Hair


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