25 Short Hairstyles for Straight Hair

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Short hairstyles have always been trendy. A lot of women are scared to cut their long hair to make it short but if they do, this just shows their confidence about their looks. So you really do not have to worry because there are a lot of new trendy short hairstyles for straight hair. It will show your edginess, your style and how a hairstyle can completely change the way you look. This does not mean that you will look bad, or your face will not be shaped nicely, in fact, it is quite the opposite. That is why today we want you to see some photos of 25 Short Hairstyles for Straight Hair. The first edgy one is the short & straight pink pixie. This is a nice look because it gives off a fresh vibe. Then, we can move on to the blunt cut with textured bangs. If you add some texture to this hairstyle you will surely stand out to everyone. It is easy and looks fine. Let us take a look at one of the more fun hairstyles. It is the unicorn bob. There are a lot of different tinges of pink and many more colors, which make you look astounding. If you are confident enough, definitely try out this look. Moving on to the feminine grey pixie haircut. This is another edgy cut, however, it is sexy and they grey color looks astonishing. It is sharp, but also very feminine. Then there is the pixie cut with length. This looks really good on older women, so older women should definitely try it. It is stylish, there are some bangs, which make you look fascinating. Then we can move on to the stacked A-line bob. It works very well with straight hair and it fits for almost everyone. This means that you do not have to worry about your face shape because it will definitely look nice and fresh. Then there is the easy short hair haircut. This look is fun, it is very trendy at the moment, so you should not hesitate. On the top, the hair is a little bit messy, but that is what makes it fun. Not to mention its versatility since you can add a lot of texture. Then there is the short textured bob. This hairstyle is very easy to do, it looks fresh. Also, it is practical, since you do not have to worry about your long hair problems. Then we can move on to one of the edgiest haircuts again. It is called the strong disconnection. Both sides are shaved, some earrings really work well with this cut. It is soft but sharp at the same time. There is the versatile asymmetrical cut as well. It is very sexy overall, but you can do many looks with this hairstyle because of its versatility. If you have straight hair and you want short hair, definitely try these out!

1-Short Hairstyle for Straight Hair

Short Hairtyle for Straight Hair, Bob Hair Haircuts Bobs

2-Jessica Stroup Hair

Jessica Stroup Hair, Short Hair Side Sleek

3-Blonde Pixie with Dark Roots

Blonde Pixie with Dark Roots, Short Pixie Hair Bob

4-Bangs Short Straight Hair

Bangs Short Straight Hair, Bangs Short Straight Jin

5-Straight Bob with Bangs

Straight Bob with Bangs, Bob Hair Black Layered

6- Asymmetrical Bob

Bob Hair Blunt Straight

7- Angled Bob

Bob Inverted Straight Stacked

8- Short Hairstyle

Layered Short Bob Blonde

9- Short Pixie Cut

Pixie Short Undercut Hair

10- Cute Blonde Hair

Bob Hair Medium Hairtyles

11- Trendy Cut

Short Hair Formal Straight

12- Rounded Bob Haircut

Bob Layered Short Angled

13- Graduated Bob Cut

Brunette Layered Short Bob

14- Straight Bob

Blonde Hair Bobs Straight

15- Short Straight Hair

Hair Bob Cute Length

16- Long Straight Bob Hair

Hair Bob Straight Beauty

17- Dark Hair

Short Straight Bob Dobrev

18- Messy Layered Bob

Bob Choppy Thick Hair

19- Straight and Sleek Hair

Bob One Length Hair

20- Short Hair with Fringe

Short Hair Girl Girls

21- Straight Bob

Bob Inverted Straight Chopped

22- Blonde Hair

Hair Bob Length Medium

23- Short Hairstyle

Short Hair Bob Bobs

24- Stacked Bob

Bob Bobs Short Stacked

25- Messy Bob Cut

Bob Inverted Blonde Layered


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