25 Short Haircuts and Colors

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If you have been thinking for a while now to cut your hair short and change your hair color, you should make sure that you do not wait any longer. Because if you do that, you might end up not doing anything about your look. After a while you will look into the mirror and feel that nothing has changed, that you need to make a change and you are back to square one. That is why you should take a look at these 25 Short Haircuts and Colors and see which of these ideas impresses you. Even if you find something that you really like this does not mean that you need to make that change right away. You can look at all the pictures until you are certain of the fact that there is nothing else worth your while. This is the moment when you should start imagining what you would look like if you were to cut your hair short and combined this change of look with a new short hair color. The truth is that you will really enjoy this look as soon as you manage to get used to it. In the beginning, you are going to feel a bit overwhelmed, especially if you are used to having long, natural hair. If you have also never colored it before, you are going to have a shock when you look into the mirror. That is if you decide to go a few shades lighter or darker. It all depends on how you are used to seeing yourself every single time you look into the mirror. However, you should know that a dramatic change can make you feel different, better, bolder and ready for a new chapter in your life. So, take a look at these 25 Short Haircuts and Colors and pick the one that you would like to try out.

1. Natural Brown Blue Cute Curly Combo

Best Short Hair Color 2015


2. Electric Blue Dark Interesting Hair

Blue Hair Color Short Hair


3. Straight White Dark Cute Bob

Dark Hair Colours for Short Hair


4. Short Dark Purple Pixie

Purple Hair Color for Short Hair


5. Light Blue Dark Voluminous Hair

Blue Streaks in Short Haircut


6. Light Strawberry Blonde Haircut

Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles 2015


7. Greenish Blue Curly Hair

Pastel Green Hairstyles for Girls


8. Chestnut Blonde Layered Haircut

Chestnut Colored Stacked Bob


9. Electric Blue Short Hair

Blue Bob Hairstyles


10. Loose Blonde Drown Dark Curls

Mahogany Violet and Blonde Hairstyle


11. Sexy Purple Straight Bob

Purple Hair Bob Style


12. Light Pink Cute Bob

Fringe Pink Bob Haircut


13. Voluminous Layered Shiny Brown Bob

Stacked Bob Red Hairstyle 2015


14. Dark Blonde Combination Pixie

Dark with Blonde Light Pixie


15. Different Blonde Shades Bob

Bobcut Hair Highlights and Lowlights Style


16. Gorgeous Purple Curly Hair

Kelly Osbourne Lavender Hair Color

17. Electric Blue Dark Bob And Bangs

Bangs Bob Dark Blue Short Hair


18. Red Straight Pointy Pixie

Pretty Red Dyed Pixie Style


19. Messy Filled Red Pixie Cut

Ginger Messy Pixie Cut


20. Cute Loose Pink Thick Curls

Pink Cotton Candy Hair Color


21. Light Brown Pointy Tips

Inverted Angle Bob Honey Brown Color

22. Light Blue Wavy Beautiful Bob

Pastel Blue Hairstyles


23. Dark Brown Straight Layered Haircut

Dark Red Brown Layered Hair


24. Dark Blonde Thick Bob

Bob Hair Blonde Highlights


25. Neat Dark Red Bob

Dark Hair Red Lighted Bob


If you would like to see what happens when you cut your hair and color it a really different color from the one that you have on right now, it might be a good idea to call your stylist and not try any of the looks that you see here on your own. You can show your stylist the list with 25 Short Haircuts and Colors and ask for advice regarding the one that will completely suit you and your style.

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