25 Short Hair Trends

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Have you ever met someone who really looked good on a short hairstyle that it really drove you like crazy to likewise have a short hairstyle for yourself? I guess this someone left you asking why was it possible for her to look good on short hairstyle, while you seemed to be not a right fit for a pixie cut. Maybe it is her face, her charm, or her beauty which make every form of short hairstyles to suit that person. Yet, you need not lose a sleep on this matter if you know the tips on how to find the ideal hairstyle for you. Yes, there are helpful tips on how to find the right short hairstyle for you. First, you need to know the texture and volume of your hair. Then, you also need to figure out the shape of your face because there are hairstyles which are appropriate for a particular face shape. Likewise, you need to figure out the right color combination that would enhance your charm and beauty. Given all these tips, it is also necessary to know which short hairstyles are trendy nowadays and definitely you can find some good ideas on trendy short hairstyles online.

In this short article, we will showcase 25 of the trendiest short hairstyles in the hairstyling world. We definitely hope that you can glean from our lovely list some fabulous and awesome ideas for your next hairstyle. Your hair is your crowning glory and gives you confidence as you face the daily challenges of your life.  You deserve to look good and awesome  and to feel good about your hairstyle. If you got good and trendy ideas at hand, you can easily work out a very lovely, stylish, and appealing hairstyle for yourself with your chosen hairstylist.

Here is an awesome and very trendy Pixie cut.You will definitely love the cool side-parted bangs and charming short layers at the back and side sections.

Short Hairstyles

Ravishingly attractive, this flip out bob hair is impressive with its awesome texture and stylish fringes.

Trendy Short Hair 2014

Here is an awesome bob hair: fabulous and very attractive with those lovely flip out fringes on one side.

Short Trendy Hairstyles


The Cool and Awesome Bob Hairstyle with Hues of Violet

Short Hair 2014 Trends


Cool and Charming Bob Hair, Very Feminine and Attractive

Best Short Hair Trends_1

Here is a back view of a lovely and attractive bob hair: charming and attractive indeed!

Best Short Hair Trends_2


Awesome back view of lovely pixie cut: Golden Blonde with Dark Brown Undertone

Best Short Hair Trends_3

Cool and Lovely Messy Pixie Cut with Cool Spikes on Top

Best Short Hair Trends_4


Very Intriguing and Charming Messy Bob Hair with Cool Bangs

Best Short Hair Trends_5


The Very Appealing and Attractive Bob Hair with Awesome Front Section and Hues of Colors

Best Short Hair Trends_6

Here is a very feminine and charming pixie cut for every woman out there. Cool and very attractive!

Best Short Hair Trends_7


Engrossing and Bewitching Pixie Cut: Delightful and Pleasant to Look at

Best Short Hair Trends_8

Sleek and Charming, Boyish yet Lovely Pixie Cut

Best Short Hair Trends_9


Nice Pixie with Fine Texture and Charming Bangs

Best Short Hair Trends_10


Here is a fabulous and attractive bob hair: nice color and awesome volume and texture.

Best Short Hair Trends_11


You will really love this short natural hair. It’s cool and charming.

Best Short Hair Trends_12

Fabulous and Glamorous Bob Hair with Awesome Hues: Attractive and Very Appealing

Best Short Hair Trends_13

Very Fascinating and Appealing Copper Blonde Bob Hair with Awesome Layers and Bangs

Best Short Hair Trends_15


The Ever-Fabulous and Attractive Graduated Bob Hairstyle with Hues of Light Ash Brown

Best Short Hair Trends_16

Interesting and Intriguing Pixie Cut with Natural Messy Arrangement

Best Short Hair Trends_17


Cool and Awesome Light Blonde Pixie Cut: Very Charming and Attractive

Best Short Hair Trends_18


The Boyish yet Attractive and Charming Pixie Cut: Cool and Pleasant to Look at

Best Short Hair Trends_19


Meg Ryan’s Charming and Delightful Light Ash Brown Short Hair with Tinge of Copper Blonde Color

Best Short Hair Trends_20

Alluring and Captivating Bob Hair with lovely Waves and Awesome Hues

Best Short Hair Trends_21


Some of the 25 short hairstyles in this article are really fantastic and fabulous to look at. Any among the list would greatly enhance your charm and boost your confidence. We hope these lovely pictures of short hairstyles have given you good ideas which you could actualize in your own hairstyle. Always remember that our hair has a magical way of increasing our charm and appeal. With a simple tweak in our hairstyle, we can radically look different and attractive to other poeple. You can definitely make use of the ideas you’ve got from this fantastic list to really feel awesome and confident in the coming days.

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