25 Short Blonde Haircuts 2013 – 2014

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We are often fascinated with and more attracted to a certain color and we tend to prefer certain colors more over other colors. Likewise, in the realm of hairstyling, the blonde hair always has a strong attracting and magnetic feature compared to other colors. We may not know the reason why, but it may be due to the fact that blonde color is akin to gold, and gold is generally considered precious, just like that of money. The point is that if you wear blonde hair, you get an extra lively edge over other women. Yet, if you combine blonde color with a short hairstyle, you will surely look amazing and fantastic.

Every girl secretly wants to look as gorgeous as Marilyn Monroe or Nicole Kidman who often sport lovely blonde-colored short hairstyles. These two awesome bombshells were and will always be iconic with their blonde hair. The good thing is that in our modern-day society, we readily got awesome choices in line with hair colors. We can readily choose the hair colors we want and consequently look awesome and fabulous just like Marilyn Monroe and Nicole Kidman. If beauty then is in the eyes of the beholder, we can surely change the perception of the beholder to make him/her see in us a gorgeous, highly-spirited, and fabulous woman.

Good enough in this article, we give you some of the awesome and attractive short blonde hairstyles of 2013 and 2014.  You can browse through the variety of awesome blonde hairstyles in this article and you will surely enjoy and at the same time choose the best hairstyles that will suit your taste and preference. Now is your chance to let your outward beauty shine to the eyes of the public. Now is your chance to feel fabulous and lovely of yourself. Have a happy browsing time through our awesome list of short blonde hairstyles!

Dominique Rinderknecht’s Fabulous Short Blonde Hairstyle. Gorgeous indeed!

Sexy Short Blonde Hair


Chic and Gorgeous Platinum Blonde Short Hair. Be lovely with those short bangs!

Short Blonde Pixie Hairstyles


Jennifer Lawrence’s Light Blonde Short Hair. Messy and Attractive.

Light Blonde Short Hair


The Lovely and Attractive Messy Platinum Blonde Short Hair

Short Platinum Blonde Hair


The Pretty and Glamorous Dirty Blonde Short Hair

Short Blonde Hair Ideas


The Ravishingly Attractive Golden Blonde Pixie Cut

Short Platinum Blonde Haircuts


The Charming Platinum Pixie Cut—Lovely and Pretty!

Charming Platinum Pixie Cut—Lovely and Pretty


The Awesome and Fabulous Messy Pixie Hairstyle

Messy Pixie Hairstyle


The Awesome Platinum-colored Pixie Cut with Lovely Bangs

Platinum colored Pixie Cut


The Amazing Light Blonde Pixie Cut with Fantastic Spikes on Top

Amazing Light Blonde Pixie Cut


The Lovely and Attractive Light Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Light Blonde Bob Hairstyle


The Attractive and Mesmerizing Asymmetric Bob hairstyle—Look Fantastic and Lovely with this Bob Hair

Asymmetric Bob hairstyle—Look Fantastic


The Pretty and Fabulous Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

Short Blonde Hairstyle


The Enthralling and Mesmerizing Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

Short Hairstyles Blonde


The Amazing and Attractive Golden Blonde Pixie Cut with Awesome Bangs

Sexy Blonde Short Hair


The Gorgeous and Attractive Golden Blonde Short Hair with Awesome Top

Blonde Short Hair with Awesome Top


The Charming and Attractive Light Blonde Pixie

Cute Short Pixie With Long Pieced Layers


The Cool Dirty Blonde Pixie Cut with Short Bangs and Messy Top

Blonde Pixie Cut


The Lovely and Mesmerizing Copper Blonde Bob Cut

Short Haircut Blonde


Meg Ryan’s Fabulously Charming and Attractive Flip Out Bob Cut

Flip Out Bob Cut


The Fantastic Dirty Blonde Bob Hair with Awesome Layers

Short Haircuts for Blondes


The Amazing Brushed Up Dirty Blonde Pixie Cut

Hot Blonde Short Hair


The Awesomely Pretty and Charming Platinum-colored Pixie Haircut

Platinum Pixie Haircut


The Amazing Light Blonde Messy Pixie Hairstyle

Blonde Messy Pixie Hairstyle


This awesome and attractive list of short blonde hairstyles will surely cater to your need for lovely blonde hairstyles. Be fabulous and gorgeous in your hairstyle by selecting among our list the most appropriate short blonde hair for you. Simply choose the most amazing short blonde hair from among this amazing repertoire of short hair. Do not leave your hairstyle at the mercy of chance. The time for you to shine and be gorgeous and fabulous is now, and you need not have a hard time explaining to your hairstylist which hairstyle you like. Simply get a picture of which hairstyle you would like to sport and present it to your hairstylist. This will surely make it easy for you and your hairstylist to work out the best and ideal hairstyle for your mood and personality.

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