25 Pixie Haircuts 2012 – 2013

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Pixie haircut is the latest trendy haircut among the ladies. Many young girls can also carry this haircut. Pixie haircut is actually a very short haircut and it has much further styles and colors. In 2012 and 2013, Pixie haircut is a very trendy haircut seen among many celebrities and TV stars. These haircuts look gorgeous and give a unique look to the young girls and ladies. 25 best pixie haircuts of 2012 and 2013 are:

In 2013, Charlize Theron carries a pixie haircut and she looks gorgeous in this trendy short haircut.

Charlize Theron pixie haircut 2013

As we know that pixie haircut is a very short haircut and it is the best haircut among all short haircuts.

Best short pixie haircut

Recently Halle Berry has carried the pixie haircut which gives a unique look to her.

Halle Berry pixie cut 2013

Pixie haircut can give a cute look to young girls and ladies.

Cute pixie cuts for women

In 2013, pixie haircut is the trendiest haircut among the girls and most of the celebrities can carry pixie haircut with different hair colors and styles.

Trendy short pixie haircuts 2013

Liz Vranesh is a young Hollywood celebrity; she gives a different look to her hair. She has a best pixie haircut which gives her cute and different look on her face.

Pixie haircut looks beautiful on those girls who have an oval face.

It is another different look and different style of pixie haircut. Pixie haircut with a long front is a very gorgeous haircut and gives a different look to the short hairs.

Pixie cut with long front

Emma Fitzpatrick can have a pixie haircut now days and she looks stunning in this different haircut.

Emma Fitzpatrick short pixie hair

Another short pixie haircut shown in this picture.

Pictures of short pixie haircuts for women

Asymmetrical: another stunning look and different style of pixie haircut is the asymmetrical pixie haircut. It also gives an emo look to the face. Mostly the young girls can carry asymmetrical pixie haircut.

Asymmetrical pixie haircuts pictures

Pixie hair cut can give a gorgeous look to the women.

In 2013, many black women can carry short pixie haircut and she looks amazing in this haircut.

Short pixie haircuts for black women 2013

Color: you can carry short pixie haircut in many hair colors. This hair style is not for specific hair colors. Black hairs, blonde, grey, brown etc any color suits on this haircut. Recently Emma Watson can carry short pixie haircut with a blonde hair color and she looks beautiful in this haircut.

Pixie haircut for women of color

Kate Moss, a young Hollywood celebrity looks different in short pixie haircut.

Michelle Williams can carry pixie haircut in her blonde hairs.

Michelle Williams pixie haircut pictures

As we all know that dark red hair color is a very beautiful and sexy hair color ever and pixie haircut in this hair color can look stunning and gorgeous.

Miley Cyrus, a well known celebrity looks different in this haircut.

Another look of pixie haircut, carried by Frankie Sandford.

Frankie Sandford short pixie haircut

Side view of the pixie haircut gives a sharp look to hairs.

Pixie haircut with a blonde hair color looks stunning.

Pictures of blonde pixie cuts

Pixie haircut can also have an edgy style which gives a rough look to hairs.

In 2013, mostly well known celebrities can carry a short pixie haircut with different styles and looks.

Celebrity pixie haircuts 2013

Wavy is a simple neat and cute looking short pixie haircut.

Pixie haircut wavy hair pictures

Short pixie haircut is the easiest hair style to carry anywhere.

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