25 Pixie Haircut Styles 2014

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Haircuts bring a great change in ones personality and look. However, Pixie haircuts require a lot of guts and confidence. They are no doubt gorgeous and classic, but one cannot simply get a pixie cut without the confidence of wearing it out in front of hundreds of people. The cut does pay off as it shows off your features more sharply and in a different way. A New York City hairstylist recommends the pixie haircut for people with some specific features, for example: it can be flattering for a person with wavy hair and oval shape; it also suits people with sharp face features or people with heart-shaped face.

Pixie haircuts are more appreciated in celebrities. Casual people go for this experimental cut very rarely. Criticism is mostly followed everywhere if people go for extra short haircut, you may find admiration very less. Even when celebrities come up with an unusual short haircut, their fans or the usual audience does not react very well. Some people find it extremely awful whereas a very few public would go in favor of the pixie hairstyles. Still Pixie Haircuts are a fashion for the celebrities and models. They seem comfortable wearing them and have the confidence to show it off in the public.

There are a lot of variations in the Pixie Hairstyles. You can have it messy, simple, straight, spiky, layered or just side swept, just the way you think it will suit you best. Below are some of the most stylish short pixie haircuts:

1. Pixie Cut with Messy Top:

Short Hairstyles

2. Spunky Pixie Cut with Blonde Dye:

Pixie Cut Hairstyles

3. CrisPixie Haircut for Smooth Hair:

Short Pixie Haircuts


4. The Boys’s Crop Pixie Haircut:

Pixie Hairstyle

5. The Incredible Chic Pixie HairStyle:

Short Pixie Cut


6. Extremely Short and Light Pixie Haircut:

25 Pixie Haircut Styles 2014_1

7. A Choppy Bob PixieHairdo:

25 Pixie Haircut Styles 2014_2

8. A Super Short Pixie Trim:

25 Pixie Haircut Styles 2014_3


9. The Short Messy Pixie Hairstyle:

25 Pixie Haircut Styles 2014_4


10. A Short Layered Pixie Haircut:

25 Pixie Haircut Styles 2014_5

11. Cool Pixie Trim with short jaggged bangs:

25 Pixie Haircut Styles 2014_6

12. Charming Pixie Haircut with Side Swept Bangs:

25 Pixie Haircut Styles 2014_7

13. Short Pixie Cut with Spiky Top:

25 Pixie Haircut Styles 2014_8


14. Simple Bob Cut with Short Jagged Bangs:

25 Pixie Haircut Styles 2014_9


15. Lovely Short Pixie Cut with Spikes:

25 Pixie Haircut Styles 2014_10


16. A Choppy Rockstyle Pixie Cut:

25 Pixie Haircut Styles 2014_11


17. Sleek Pixie Haircut with Side Swept Hair:

25 Pixie Haircut Styles 2014_12


18. Well trimmed sides with a Spiky top Haircut:

25 Pixie Haircut Styles 2014_13

19. A Pixie Cut with Side Swept Bangs:

25 Pixie Haircut Styles 2014_14


20. Simple and Short Pixie Haircut:

25 Pixie Haircut Styles 2014_15

21. Layered Pixie Cut with a Cool Top:

25 Pixie Haircut Styles 2014_16


22. Short Boyish and Messy Pixie Cut:

25 Pixie Haircut Styles 2014_17


23. Layered with Side Swept Bangs Pixie Cut:

25 Pixie Haircut Styles 2014_18

24. Boyish Pixie Cut with Nice Side Swept Bangs:

25 Pixie Haircut Styles 2014_19

25. Short Edgy Pixie cut:

25 Pixie Haircut Styles 2014_20


It is concluded that pixie hairstyles are most famous in celebrities and models. Sometimes they have to cut off their hair in such a way for a movie of theirs. Sometimes they do this to gain a different and classic look. Pixie Cuts as mentioned earlier are the most classic haircuts till yet. They enhance your look in a totally unusual way and make you look much more beautiful. People with short faces with childlike features gain a positive response from the pixie cuts as it sharpens their features more. However, short Pixie hairstyles are not meant for everyone so make sure that you do consult your hairstylist before you go for this experiment!

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