25 Best Celebrity Short Hairstyles 2012 – 2013

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As we all know that celebrities are very much conscious about the latest trends and their looks and they always carry the most trendy looks and styles. In 2012 – 2013, short hair styles are the trendiest hair style and most of the celebrities can carry the different looks of short hairstyles. 25 best celebrity short hairstyles of 2012 & 2013 are:

Keri Russell can have a short hair cut with a little curls on the edges. She carried this hair style on her blonde dye hair color.

Keri Russell short curly hair images

Now days, Miley Cyrus gives a different and unique look to her hairs. She has a short pixie haircut and she looks totally different in this look.

As we know that in 2013 short haircut are mostly in trend so a well known celebrity Charlize Theron can also have this short hair look.

Charlize Theron short haircut 2013

A unique look for short hairs is the asymmetrical hairstyle, which is recently carried by Frankie Sandford.

Frankie Sandford short asymmetrical hairstyle

Scarlett Johansson can also have a short haircut with the little loose curls at the edges.

Scarlett Johansson short curly hair

Ashley Olsen, a well known young celebrity. She is very much conscious about her looks and style. Now a day, she had a short blonde hair to the shoulder length with a rough and loose curl on the end.

Ashley Olsen short curly haircut

Alexa Chung had shoulder length hairs in a light n dark brown color shades. She gave a short and rough look to her hairs.

Katy Perry gives a unique look to her blonde pink short bob hairs.

Katy Perry blonde pink bob hair

Claudia Cardinale, a well known Hollywood celebrity. She had a short hair cut with a back combing and a curl at the end of hairs.

Claudia Cardinale short hair pictures

Christy Turlington: This celebrity carries a simple and short hair style in her maroon brownish hairs.

Stephanie Waring looks sexy in this dark black hair color and in the short haircut.

Recently Christy Turlington carries a new haircut, which is like a pixie haircut.

Michelle Williams: This Hollywood celebrity had a very short pixie haircut with a little wave.

In 2013, Zendaya Coleman gives a unique and stunning look to her hairs. She had a short haircut with a loose curl at the edges of her hairs.

Zendaya Coleman short hair 2013

Elizabeth Taylor: This celebrity carries a short, loose and a very wavy haircut.

Charlize Theron had a short pixie haircut in blonde hairs and she looks pretty in this haircut.

Marion Cotillard: This celebrity had a short straight shoulder length haircut which gives a stunning look to her personality.

Marion Cotillard short haircut pictures

Christina Aguilera had very short haircut with a lot of curls which gives a rough and sharp look to her hairs.

Christina Aguilera short curly hairstyles

Natalie Portman: This celebrity gives a rough and unique look to her hairs.

Emma Watson dyed her hairs in red and had a pixie hair cut.

Ginnifer Goodwin had a short haircut with a double chin hair styles.

Ginnifer Goodwin double chin hairstyles

Norah Jones had a bob haircut with a black hair color.

Rachel Mcadams had a short haircut with a rough and wavy look.

Rachel Mcadams short wavy hair

Michelle Williams: She gives a different look to her hairs. She dyed her hairs in blonde and had a pixie haircut.

Short blonde hairstyles Michelle Williams

Maggie Gyllenhaal: She had a very short haircut with little waves in them.

Maggie Gyllenhaal short hair photos

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