20 Short Wavy Hair Styles

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Do you want to be tantalizing and gorgeous with your hairstyle? Well, obviously, everybody wants to have their hair look awesome and fabulous even if they have wavy hair. This is because our hair is our crowning glory, and the way we carry our hair greatly enhances our look and appeal. Once we feel good about our hair, our confidence starts to soar high and we become more sure and cocky in our behavior and demeanor. What I am saying is that our behavior is often influenced by our perception of ourselves. Well, I don’t want to explain more the effect of self-perception on our behavior. My point is simply that our crowning glory—our hair—plays a great role on our confidence. For this reason, we list in this article some of the best short wavy hairstyles for you to look at and appreciate because we know that great looks come with great hair. Yet, women with wavy hair sometimes find it hard to choose the right short hairstyle for their wavy hair. This list, therefore, will greatly facilitate their search for great short wavy hairstyles to suit their mood and personality. Remember, it may be the way you carry your hair which may make you tick. Your choice of short wavy hairstyle may make you tick, and if that is the case, you really have to be meticulous and careful in choosing your hairstyle. This article gives you a lot of choices to make you feel awesome with your hair. Once you feel good about your hair, you will definitely feel good about yourself. So cheer up! Great ideas for short wavy hair are just right at the tip of your thumb. You only have to browse through this wonderful list to find out the right style and arrangement for your awesome and lovely hair.

The Lovely and Charming Short Curly Bob Hairstyle

Wavy Short Hairstyles


Cute and Pretty, Curly Bob Hair with Awesome Bangs

Short Hair Wavy Source

The Lovely and Fabulous Golden Blonde Hair with Tinge of Light Brown

Short Wavy Haircuts Source

The Very Charming and Attractive Wavy Bob Hair with Fantastic Bangs

Short Wavy Haircut Source

Cute and Lovely, Black-colored Bob Hair

Short Thick Wavy Hair


The Gorgeous and Fabulous Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Wavy Short Haircuts Source

Nice And Cute, Short Wavy Pixie Cut with Awesome Front Section

Short Wavy Hairstyles for Thick Hair Source

Lovely and Appealing Wavy Medium Brown-colored Bob Hair

Short Wavy Hair Cuts Source

Keira Knightley’s Awesome Cherry Red-colored Bob Hairstyle

Short Wavy Hair 2014 Source

Vanessa Hudgens’ Cool and Refreshing Wavy Bob Hair

Short Styles for Wavy Hair Source

Jessica Stroup’s Lovely Cherry Red-colored Flip Out Bob Hair

Short Wavy Hair Styles


Kirsten Dunst’s Short Dirty Blonde Wavy Bob Hair

Short Wavy Hair Styles_1 Source

The Amazing and Charming Curly and Wavy Bob Hair

Short Wavy Hair Styles_2 Source

Ginnifer Goodwin’s Pretty and Attractive Wavy Bob Cut

Short Wavy Hair Styles_3 Source

Cute and Awesome Wavy Bob Hair


Nice and Charming Wavy Bob Hair

Short Wavy Hair Source

Very Charming and Appealing Wavy Pixie Cut

Short Wavy Hair Styles_4 Source

Keira Knightley’s Lovely Graduated Bob Hair

Short Wavy Hair Styles_5 Source

The Charming and Attractive Asymmetric Bob Hair

Short Wavy Hair Styles_6


Cute and Charming Wavy Bob Hair

Short Wavy Hair Styles_7


Have you been inspired to spruce up your hairstyle by looking at those awesome and fabulous short wavy hairstyles? I believe you will definitely be inspired because those amazing samples of great short wavy hairstyles will surely give you a general idea of how and which short wavy hairstyle to copy and sport. Remember that your hairstyle has so much effect on your confidence and public aura. All you got to do is zero in on the most appropriate hairstyle to your mood and personality, and voila!—you will surely look great in an instance. This amazing list will make it easy for you to decide on which awesome and fabulous short hairstyle is the most appropriate and fitting to your wavy hair.

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