25 Short Vintage Hairstyles

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Does Vintage refer to old? It totally does not! Vintage refers to something appealing and sexy. And what if the vintage style blends up with your hair? It gets totally amazing and breath taking. Old is Gold and we all agree with that! Something that gets old, one day again rises up. “Nothing is new under the sun.” And this is what fashion is about. Old styles get revolutionized and many of them come back after a while of disappearance. However nothing brand new seems to appear. They are mostly old styles in a better shape, way or slightly different version.

Therefore we have rounded up some amazing and remarkably startling vintage short hair styles here. Vintage has never really disappeared from the fashion world; it just keeps revolutionizing and coming in better and more stunning ways. Why not gain courage to try out a vintage hairstyle this year? They are more appropriate for formal parties but the vintage boyish hairdo can be perfect for a total casual outlook. The way you carry your hairstyle is what makes you unique amongst the crowd. As hair is the beauty of your appearance you ought to make it look perfect. However if you seriously urge for a vintage hairdo and you have set up your mind for that then this place is way much better than anything. you simply scroll down to decide which style to pick!

The 1950’s Short Curly Hairstyle:

Vintage Hairstyles for Curly Hair


Super Short Vintage Bob with Averted Ends:

Vintage Hairstyles

Short Wavy Hairstyle for Women:

Vintage Style Hairstyles


Short Beautifully Curled Vintage Hairstyle:

Vintage Hairstyling

1950’s Bouncy Short Curly Hairdo:

Vintage Curly Hairstyles


Short Bob Hairdo with Side Swept Front:

20 Short Vintage Hairstyles_1

Completely Side Swept Curly Hairstyle:

20 Short Vintage Hairstyles_2


The 1950’s Short Boyish Hairstyle:

20 Short Vintage Hairstyles_3


Short Wavy Vintage Hairstyle with Bangs:

20 Short Vintage Hairstyles_4


Short Vintage Ponytail Hairstyle for Girls:

20 Short Vintage Hairstyles_5

Super Short Trimmed Hairstyle for Women:

20 Short Vintage Hairstyles_6

The Vintage Wavy Hairstyle for Girls:

20 Short Vintage Hairstyles_7

Back View of Short Boyish Hairdo:

20 Short Vintage Hairstyles_8


Super Short Vintage Boyish Hairstyle:

20 Short Vintage Hairstyles_9

The 1950’s Inverted Curls Hairstyle:

20 Short Vintage Hairstyles_10


Short Straight Hairdo with Wavy Ends:

20 Short Vintage Hairstyles_11


Short Side Swept Wavy Vintage Hairstyle:

20 Short Vintage Hairstyles_12


Short Messy Vintage Pixie Hairstyle:

20 Short Vintage Hairstyles_13

Short Textured Vintage Wavy Hairstyle:

20 Short Vintage Hairstyles_14


The 1950’s Asymmetrical Curly Hairstyle:

20 Short Vintage Hairstyles_15


The Sleek Inverted Retro Bob Hairstyle:

20 Short Vintage Hairstyles_16


The Vintage Style Boyish Hairdo for Girls:

20 Short Vintage Hairstyles_17

Super Trimmed Boyish Hairstyle for Women:

20 Short Vintage Hairstyles_18


The Vintage Styled Short Curly Hairdo:

20 Short Vintage Hairstyles_19

Cute Super Short Curly Hairdo for Girls:

20 Short Vintage Hairstyles_20



Hairstyles are an easy and stunning manner of altering your emergence and making yourself look different than your usual appearance. It is indeed a great makeover. Vintage hairstyles may be old but they are alluring and attractive in their own manner. If you’re attending a party which demands you to dress like the 1950s women then these hairstyles are definitely there to help you. I hope you enjoy the old yet gold vintage hairstyles and certainly do try them out guys!

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