20 Short Funky Haircuts

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If you want to make a major hair change yet crave a unique look, short funky hairstyles may be a great option for expressing your individuality. These hairstyles are a fun and low maintenance alternative to long trendy hair styles. If you want to look trendy and also do not want to pay much attention to frequent hair care and maintenance, funky short haircuts are the best alternative. Short funky hairstyles length recognize them in style, some are wavy, fine, curly and straight. Although certainly not for the scissor shy, these looks can instantly add the drama and excitement you need to make the convincing snip. Coming below are 20 Short Funky Haircuts that are guaranteed to get you noticed from the crowd.

1. Funky Short Light Brown Haircut

Best Funky Short Haircuts


2. Very Nice Funky Short Hair

Nice Funky Short Hair


3. Funky Short Bob Haircut with Ashy Blonde Color

Funky Short Bob Haircuts 2014


4. Short Bleached Blonde Funky Pixie Hair

Short Funky Pixie Hair


5. Short Funky Asymmetrical Bob Hair

Short Funky Bob Haircuts


6. Short Funky Different Long Pixie Haircut for Girls

Best Short Funky Long Pixie Haircuts


7. Short Funky Straight Bob Haircut with Bangs

Short Funky Bob Haircuts with Bangs

8. Short Funky Spikey Haircut

Short Funky Spikey Haircuts


9. Short Funky Red Bob Hair with Layered Bangs

Short Funky Bob Hairstyles with Layered Bangs


10. Funky Short Blonde Straight Hair

Funky Short Blonde Haircuts


11. Funky Short Blonde Pixie Spiked Hair

Funky Short Blonde Pixie Haircuts

12. Funky Short Colored Pixie Hairstyle

Funky Short Colored Pixie Haircuts


13. Funky Short Platinum Pixie Hair with Slicked Back

Funky Short Platinum Pixie Hairstyle

14. Funky Short Platinum Hair with Bangs

Funky Short Platinum Hairstyles


15. Funky Short Blonde Hair Style with Pink Ombre

Best Funky Short Blonde Hair Style


16. Messy Funky Short Hairstyle

Messy Funky Short Haircuts


17. Funky Short Blonde Haircut with Dark Roots

Best Funky Short Blonde Hair with Dark Roots


18. Funky Short Platinum Hairstyle

Funky Short Platinum Hairstyles

19. Funky Short Dark Wavy Hairdo

Funky Short Dark Hairdo for Girls


20. Cool Funky Short Spiky Hair

Cool Funky Short Haircuts


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