20 Short Cropped Haircuts

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2014 was a banner year for celebrities showcasing hot short cropped haircuts. In 2015 continues the trends of the past year. Pixies, crops and chop hair cuts often are mixed all together by both hairstylists and hair consumers. Sometimes a short hair can be confused with a medium length cut. Adding to the general confusion is the new trend of shaved sides, undercuts and combined textures, all in one hairstyle. The difference between pixie and cropped hair cuts are the length of the layers on top. Compared to the pixie, a cropped cut has layers much longer on top. Cropped cut layers generally measure 3 1/4 to 4 inches in length. One good way to differentiate between pixies and cropped is the length of the layers and whether or not there is a longer fringe. Hot short cropped haircuts will continue to be popular at least for some time in the future. Here are 20 Short Cropped Haircuts for you.

1. Short Cropped Pixie Haircut

Short Cropped Haircuts


2. Light Brown Short Cropped Pixie Haircut

Short Cropped Pixie Haircuts

3. Very Short Cropped Haircut for Women

Very Short Cropped Haircuts


4. Cutest Short Cropped Haircut Back View

Short Cropped Haircut Back View


5. Short Ginger Pixie Cropped Haircut

Short Pixie Cropped Haircut


6. Short Messy Pixie Bleached Blonde Cropped Haircut

Short Messy Pixie Cropped Haircut


7. Short Blonde Straight Pixie Cropped Haircut

Short Straight Pixie Cropped Haircut

8. Trendy Short Straight Pixie Cropped Haircut

Short Straight Pixie Cropped Trendy Haircuts


9. Very Nice Short Pixie Cropped Hair

Short Nice Pixie Cropped Haircuts


10. Short Pixie Cropped Grey Hair for Older Women

Short Pixie Cropped Grey Hairstyles

11. Short Pixie Cropped Ginger Hair for Girls

Short Pixie Cropped Ginger Hairstyles

12. Very Short Pixie Cropped Hair for Women

Very Short Pixie Cropped Haircuts


13. Very Short Pixie Cropped Blonde Hairstyle

Very Short Pixie Cropped Blonde Hairstyles


14. Short Pixie Cropped Curly Hair with Short Bangs

Short Pixie Cropped Curly Hairstyles

15. Thick Brown Short Cropped Hair

Thick Short Cropped Haircuts


16. Very Short Cropped Thin Hair

Short Cropped Thin Blonde Hair

17. Short Cropped Straight Fine Hairdo

Short Cropped Straight Fine Hairstyles

18. Short Cropped Fine Haircut

Short Cropped Fine Hairstyles

19. Short Cropped Dark Hair with Side Bangs

Short Cropped Dark Hairstyles


20. Short Cropped Platinum Blonde Hairstyle

Short Cropped Platinum Blonde Hairstyles


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